Little Britian star David Walliams wishes he was gay

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David Walliams the star of hit comedy sketch show, Little Britain has revealed that he wishes he was gay.

In an interview with lads magazine, Loaded, he claims that his life

would be so much easier if he fancied men.

“I must admit my life would be a lot simpler if I was just gay, but we can’t choose these things. I’m going to have a sex change when I’m 70 for the last ten years of my life.”

He also revealed that in a recent sexuality quiz he measured as 30%

gay. He claims that this was less to do with his bedroom preference

and more to do with “wearing frocks while dancing to Britney.”

David is currently single but in the past has been linked to Abi

Titmuss, Lisa Snowdon and Patsy Kensit.