Americans encouraged to choose equality in Senate vote

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The polls have now opened for the US Congress and campaigners are calling on Americans to vote for equality by selecting gay friendly politicians.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has created a scorecard of Senate representatives who have previously supported gay rights legislation and has also highlighted several areas where it will be a close race between gay friendly and anti-gay candidates.

In the state of Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, a Democrat, has been a pioneer for non discriminatory policies, he will fight the election against Republican Rick Santorum, who has previously opposed gay marriage and once compared homosexuality to bestiality.

In the Minnesota Senate, Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who has fought for hate crimes legislation to include homophobia, takes on Mark Kennedy, a Republican, who supports the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) which would constitutionally ban same sex marriage.

Ohio will see Democrat Sherrod Brown, an HRC advocate go up against Republican Mike Devine, a supporter of the FMA.

HRC is backing Lincoln Chafee, a Republican, in the Rhode Island poll citing his support for domestic partnership benefits and gay immigration rights.

Last month, the HRC produced a score card for gay and lesbian voters to decipher who would best serve their needs.

The card highlights several key areas for voters using points for gay votes where candidates have stood up for gay rights.

These Senate bills and votes include: S.J. Res. 1 – the Federal Marriage Amendment; the confirmation of Judge William Pryor; the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito; S. 403 – the Lautenberg Amendment to the Child Custody Protection Act; co-sponsorship of S. 311 – the Early Treatment for HIV Act; co-sponsorship of S. 1278 – the Uniting American Families Act; and co-sponsorship of S. 1145 – the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act.