Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sasha gets her man

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Amy and Josh prepare for their first antenatal class but their excitement turns sour when Ste shows up. Sarah visits Mike on the pretext of collecting college books in the hope that he’ll speak to her, but he is cool and distant.

Sasha is thrilled when she catches Warren naked on his way into the shower: her crush is growing by the day. So when she gets to finally kiss him, she is thrilled.

Rhys complains to Josh that they never hang out together any more so Josh invites him to Leah’s birthday party, where a drunk Rhys causes havoc when he insults Amy. Ste’s mum Pauline arrives unannounced with a birthday present. Outraged that he’s not allowed to see his own daughter on her birthday, Pauline forces Ste to hot foot it to the Barnes’, where she is devastated to discover that Ste is not Leah’s father. Down in the dumps, Amy tidies up after Leah’s party, and, in amongst the rubbish, finds the bank book from Ste.

Calvin confides to Warren that today’s the day he hears about his promotion. Ravi finds himself alone and in charge of the Loft, so he invites Kris over for some fun. Nancy and Kris are ready for a live show, when Kris receives a text from Ravi telling him he wants to see him straight away; and when Kris returns to calm down an angry Nancy one thing leads to another… This leaves her feeling guilty and so later she overcompensates with Ravi.

Carmel enlists a reluctant Calvin as a model when Evissa has a visit from a sales manager, who turns up driving the same car that Warren has asked Calvin to steal for him. He is feeling guilty, so he buys her a top of the range mobile with his ill-gotten gains.

Spencer insists that Warren should invite Sasha over for dinner with him. Ste asks Dom for his job back, but no matter how hard he protests his innocence, Dom is unable to forgive him.
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sasha gets her man