Homophobic church spells ‘illiterate’ wrong on flyer accusing voters of not being able to read

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The US Westboro Baptist Church made a rather fitting error on one of its press releases earlier this week, spelling the word “illiterate” wrong on a flyer accusing US voters of not being able to read.

The church put out the flyer earlier this week to voice its intention of protesting against the beginning of same-sex marriages in the state of Rhode Island, on 1 August.

Rather fittingly, the flyer from the church read: “Is the United States population illerate? (sic) Can’t you read?”. The release also referred to same-sex marriage as “fag marriage”.

In a tweet, WBC also blamed the large Catholic population in the state for the soon to be introduced equal marriage law.

Rhode Island in May became the tenth state to allow equal marriage, as its Governor signed the bill into law, after it passed a second vote in the House by a very wide margin. 

The law will take effect on 1 August, when the first same-sex marriages will take place.

The full flyer from the WBC is available to view below.