Kenyan homophobe leading naked protest against Obama wants gays stoned

A Kenyan anti-gay activist, who is leading hordes of naked homophobes to protest against Barack Obama, has called for gays to be stoned.

Vincent Kidaha, who will lead 5000 naked protesters when Obama visits the country, said in an interview that gays should not have human rights and deserve to be stoned or hanged.

The head of the Kenyan Republican Liberty Party talked to audioBoom News, about the reasoning behind his upcoming protest during President Barack Obama’s approaching visit to the country.

Kidaha said: “In UK, gays have rights. In Africa, they don’t.

“Gay is not a human right. You cannot have sex with people- that doesn’t fit in with African family values.”

He ignores that South Africa legalised same-sex marriage in 2006, but thanks Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria for their support of homophobia.

Many of his answers throughout the interview are inconsistent, as he states that the LGBT community should not be banned, but “stoned to death” or hanged.

Following that, Kidaha explains that the stoning will not be as painful as the judgement that they would endure.

He adds that he does not want to “hurt gay people” and that he would be “happy” to be murdered if he was a member of the LGBT community.

Kidaha cites President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage as “aggressive.”

He said: “We are not doing this from a religious perspective.

“It’s environmental conservation. . . We see gays as destructive to the environment.

“We are saying they are negative value to Africa. As Africans, we are here to protect our countries and culture.”

While Kidaha fails to mention the fact that homosexuality existed in African history before colonisation, his logic behind the the protest is the protection of the culture’s family values.

He continues, specifying that Western countries are not protecting LGBT rights, but “behavioural changes.”

The 5,000 nude Kenyans, who will pack the streets when President Obama arrives, are supposed to make a statement to the American leader that the two genders are distinctive.

Kidaha reassured Wareham that the naked men and women will be separated, carrying “banners and placards.”

He said: “Yes, undressing is indecent, but not as indecent as people accepting homosexuality.

“We, as Africans, are used to walk naked. We are not offended.

“In Africa, we are not ready like the UK is to accept gay people by giving them green cards.”

When Wareham asks what he would do if a family member came out as LGBT, he answered that he doesn’t they would be “corrupt,” but that they would not “accept gay in.”

Kidaha even says he would “defend them probably” and direct them away from their confusion to “become a good person.”

He said: “I’d explain there is no need to be to be a servant to Europe. Africa is a better place.

“We are civilised and being gay is not our values.”

President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, will make his first presidential visit to the country this week. He will travel to Ethiopia as well.