Watch: Matt Bomer’s smooth response to question on gay stereotypes

The out Magic Mike star responded to awkward questions regarding the LGBT community by politely explaining that stereotyping is not cool – in fact, it’s rather obnoxious.

During a recent promotional chat for Magic Mike XXL, the actor grew annoyed after he was asked yet another stereotypical question regarding his homosexuality – a subject he has spoken openly about since coming out in 2012.

Bomer – who last year revealed that he’s been secretly married to his partner since 2011 – was rather tactlessly asked whether, as an actor, he thought “audiences of gay men were harder to please than women.”

Surprisingly, the star stayed cool, calm and collected, politely explaining why this question is not only offensive, but also, sadly unoriginal.

“Why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a yes-or-no question?” he quipped rhetorically.

Turning the question back on the reporter, he said: “Would you feel comfortable if I said ‘Are women harder or easier to please’?”

“Everyone is different,” he added, referring to the reception that the movie has received.

“It’s all about communication and a dialogue between individuals – get rid of the labels, get rid of the shame, get rid of the stigmas and just be your most authentic self.”

We could not have put it better ourselves, Matt.

Watch the full video below.