‘God’ puts up a billboard opposing same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A billboard has been erected in Oklahoma with a homophobic message direct from ‘God’.

You might think that God has better things to do with his time – but apparently he is now obsessing about banning same-sex marriage in a billboard promoting a homophobic group’s website.

God’s Original Design Ministry, which opposes same-sex marriage despite equality being law in all 50 states, put up a billboard this week in the the town of Durant, Oklahoma.

It reads: “Marriage is between one man and one woman. Please, I need your help with this. – God”.

Betty Odgaard of the group told The Blaze: “It has become very obvious that many people of faith have wondered from the word, and/or are deeply confused with this issue.

“With that, the primary objective our mission with these billboards is to spark ‘drive-time epiphanies’. In other words, to remind the faithful of the truth.”

It would seem that God has recently had a spectacular change of heart – as he has also been busy appearing in a pro-gay billboard campaign.

Creators of a popular spoof ‘God’ Facebook page raised $86,980 (£53,897) in donations last month, to advertise its message of love and inclusiveness.

The first of the billboards went up just down the road from headquarters of hate group Westboro Baptist Church.

The pro-gay billboard was well received by many of the Topeka locals, with the notable exception of the church.