Christians vow to put up 1,000 anti-gay billboards across America

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An anti-gay group behind a billboard which claims God is angry about same-sex marriage, has vowed to erect another 999 of the same message across the US.

Last week, God’s Original Design Ministry, which is opposed to equal marriage, put up a billboard in Durant, Oklahoma.

It reads: “Marriage is between one man and one woman. Please, I need your help with this. – God”.

The group also wrote on Facebook, that it has plans to erect another 999 of the billboard in other areas of the US, so long as people are willing to fund the campaign.

It reads: “This billboard is funded 100% by the your generous donations. One down and 999 to go for 1,000 points of light. Thank you and God bless!”

Many have criticised the campaign, saying that the ministry could use the money to help people.

It would also seem that God has recently had a spectacular change of heart – as he has also been busy appearing in a pro-gay billboard campaign.

Creators of a popular spoof ‘God’ Facebook page raised $86,980 (£53,897) in donations last month, to advertise its message of love and inclusiveness.

The first of the billboards went up just down the road from headquarters of hate group Westboro Baptist Church.

The pro-gay billboard was well received by many of the Topeka locals, with the notable exception of the church.