God gave you cancer because you’re a homosexual, journalist told

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An opponent of same-sex marriage has claimed that a journalist got cancer because of her sexuality.

Una Mullally, a journalist for the Irish Times, shared on Twitter one of the letters she has received as a result of her advocacy for same-sex marriage.

God gave you cancer because you’re a homosexual, journalist told

The Republic of Ireland is set to vote on May 22 on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.

The letter, from a ‘No’ voter, claims: “I was so sorry to hear about your cancer but maybe it is the will of God.

“After all you have been relentlessly pushing the twisted idea of gay marriage which would destroy the family as we know it and ruin the lives of generations of innocent children victimised by the narcissism of their ‘parents’.

“Imagine kids going to their first day of school accompanied by their two mammys or two daddys.

“And how do two gays have children in the first place, if not by artificial means that make a mockery of natural relationships?

“My advice is to accept that you are both homosexual and not very pretty, as there are worse fates; you might be black for instance.

“And stop preaching to people who may have been around a lot longer than you and have more common sense in their little finger than you have in that poor muddled ugly head of yours. Frankly if I looked like you I would plead with the editor not to publish my photo.”

Ms Mullally wrote: “More hate mail from No voters today. My cancer is the will of God for campaigning for equality, apparently.

“I don’t give a damn if some bigot hates me, but next time a No campaigner talks about being ‘bullied’, this is what I’m putting up with.

“That’s not even the worst letter I’ve received – there’s other stuff I wouldn’t even put on Twitter because it’s so disgusting.”

She added: “For those asking, yes, that person signed their name, but I would never put that online as it would be unfair. Rise above, innit.”