The Veronicas urge Australian PM to allow same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Veronicas have written an open letter to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott – calling for him to allow same-sex marriage to finally pass.

A number of same-sex marriage bills are set to come before the Australian Parliament in the next few days, with the opposition Labor Party guaranteeing a free vote to its MPs on the issue.

Mr Abbott – a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage – is currently facing pressure to allow his Coalition MPs a free vote as well, instead of whipping them to vote against.

The Veronicas, a band consisting of identical twin sisters Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso, are the latest celebs to urge Mr Abbott to act on the issue.

In an open letter released on YouTube, they said: “Prime Minister Abbott, we are here today, speaking to you in front of Australia and the world, to say we need equality now. We need change now.

“The conversation of marriage equality is no longer a question of if. It is now a question of when.

“Marriage equality is inevitable. Prime Minister, when the cross-party marriage equality bill reaches your hands this week, we ask that you grant your party a conscience vote.

They continued: “Love is equal. Putting the importance of this simple message into political action will have a profoundly life altering impact on our generation, and all generations to come.

“We’ve just arrived back from the USA where same-sex marriage has now been legalised in all 50 states. The example set by government is so powerful and so influential – and that’s why we’re speaking to you today.

“Mr Abbott, you have missed the opportunity to become a world revolutionary leader on this matter and now it’s time to align with the growing number of governments who have paved the way for us, and not continue our alignment with governments who persist in restricting equal human rights and social progression for its people and country.

“Tradition founded upon laws of discrimination and prejudice does not deserve sanctity in the name of history. It’s time to live in a country that recognises all people as EQUAL. ”

They concluded: “We are not fighting for special rights; we are fighting for our equal rights.”

Watch the clip below: