Graham Norton admits to being a ‘borderline alcoholic’

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The popular chat show host has discussed his relationship with alcohol.

Graham Norton recently opened up about his drinking habits, calling himself a “borderline alcoholic.”

Norton chatted about his love of alcohol in a recent interview with Woman magazine.

“I am very open about who I am. I am borderline alcoholic,” he said.

“I prefer my life with alcohol – and I don’t feel I have to explain that because it’s not like I have a niche interest.”

The gay chat show star also insisted that he always comes first in his relationships.

Norton – who quit Twitter recently – said his romances are always “unequal” because his lifestyle always comes before that of his boyfriend’s.

“My relationships are always unequal. For starters, my diary will always take precedence over a boyfriend’s,” he admitted.

“If someone’s office Christmas party clashes with a TV recording night, I’m not cancelling that tot go to your stupid office party.

“If I’ve got two months off and he’s a surgeon with life-saving surgery to do, I’d be like, ‘For God’s sake, it’s the only time I can go on holiday.’

“You see the problem. All men have a little bit of alpha in them and aren’t wired to be the plus one.”

Last year, Norton said he thinks gay men his age don’t want to date “someone their age”.

The host said he felt pressure to be “settled”, and that people often asked when he was going to get into a serious relationship.