Bananarama: George Michael’s death shocked us into reuniting

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Legendary trio Bananarama have shared the heartbreaking reason for their reunion.

The band revealed this week that they are to get back together after years apart.

The 80s pop icons – Sara Dallin, Siobhan Faey and Keren Woodward – are set to go on a full UK tour for the first time in three decades.

They have now said the death of George Michael on Christmas Day last year shocked them into getting back together.

Speaking to The Sun, Keren Woodward said: “George was such a huge part of our lives. I’d only just lost a cousin too who was my age, and George’s death was the instigating factor really for saying yes to doing this now.

“Before George’s death the fact my cousin had passed away had already got me thinking along those lines.

“The fact that they were both around my age, that just makes you think ‘Life’s too bloody short.’”

The performer had been a friend of George Michael, and hung out with his former boyfriend, Kenny Goss.

Bananarama: George Michael’s death shocked us into reuniting

George Michael was buried in a ceremony attended by close friends and family after three months pending an autopsy.

She added: “Our best friend from the era was obviously George Michael, who sadly now isn’t here. It was so shocking. Horrific.

“I remember the moment I found out, in a phone call from another close friend on Christmas Day.”

Bandmate Sara Dallin wrote on Twitter at the time: “Heartbroken at the loss of one of my oldest friends.

“I will never forget the fun times we had together. Rest in Peace George.”

The newly-reunited Bananarama have signed a deal with record label Fascination, who are the people behind Steps’ recent comeback.

The band are set to do a 15 date tour later this year, beginning in Glasgow.