70-year-old man who murdered his wife and gay son in ‘perfect crime’ found guilty

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A 70-year-old man in California was convicted last week of murder, for stabbing his wife and shooting his son last year.

Shehada Issa is said to have believed he was committing the ‘perfect crime,’ by blaming the murder of his wife, Rabihah, on his son.

He then admitted to shooting his son Amir, who went by the name Rocky, but said it was in self-defence.

According to NBC, Issa’s lawyer maintained this claim, saying the case had “nothing to do with Rocky being gay.”

The lawyer also claimed Rocky had “mental issues.”

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However, Issa’s second son, Victor, testified that his father had an abusive relationship with his wife, and hated Rocky because of his homosexuality.

“He detested him,” Victor said. “He was ashamed of him.”

Victor said his father constantly verbally abused Rocky for years, calling him names like “whore of Babylon.”

70-year-old man who murdered his wife and gay son in ‘perfect crime’ found guilty
Shehada Issa (Photo by David Crane/Southern California News Group)

The prosecutor said Issa had a gambling problem and wanted to sell their house in North Hills, California.

When his wife refused to sign the sale papers, he threatened her life. He had also wanted to evict Rocky ever since he had found out about his sexuality, and had apparently threatened to kill him in the past.

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The prosecutor said he “made good on his threats” by brutally murdering them both.

Issa will be receiving his sentence at the end of the month, facing life imprisonment without parole.