Trans woman told to ‘act like a man’ if she wanted job at Nobu

A transgender chef at the Malaysian strand of Nobu has reported the company after they said that she would be hired if she acted like a man.

Shairazi Bahari was offered a front of house position at the restaurant after interviewing for a role in November, reports The Guardian.

After deflecting a series of questions about personal grooming, Bahari alleges that the restaurant offered her a job – as long as she dressed like a man and used the male toilets.

“I got a call from the HR lady where she was telling me that they were really keen on hiring me, but they had [an] issue with my appearance, and would I consider the offer with the condition that I cut my hair, wear a male uniform and use the male toilets,” Bahari said.

“I don’t think they wanted anything like that in writing so they gave me a phone call.”

Bahari declined the role as she didn’t want to compromise how she presented her gender.

The restaurant asked her to think about taking the role, which she declined again, said The Guardian.

Transgender people are not seen as equals under the eyes of the law in Malaysia.

It is illegal to change your declared gender in the country, or to receive surgery to change gender, reports the Equaldex.

It is also illegal to be a gay man in Malaysia – with a punishment of up to five years in prison.

However, it is legal to be a lesbian.