Human Ken doll Rodrigo Alves fears his ‘liver is failing’ due to excessive partying

Rodrigo Alves – dubbed the Human Ken Doll – has voiced his fears that his ‘liver is failing’ due to excessive drinking.

The Brazilian-born, British TV personality admitted that he goes on “wild, all-night benders” in an attempt to combat loneliness when he’s “travelling the globe.”

“People think I’m a perfect boy, living a quiet life, but I am always out partying,” Alves told MailOnline.

“I work hard and try to live my life to the max. But I spend a lot of time hungover and sometimes I wish I had a quiet night.

“I like to go out and meet new people, but it’s meant I’m drinking excessively.”

Alves previously went on This Morning to talk about the invasive rib removal surgery he underwent to achieve a smaller waist (ITV)

Alves, 34, is known for the way he looks and the fact that he has spent around £700,000 on various cosmetic alterations to achieve his ideal of aesthetic perfection.

He worries that his new lifestyle is having a negative impact on his appearance though.

“As much as my friends tell me I look good, I am bloated and 80 percent of my outfits don’t fit me anymore,” he said.
“Just on this Miami trip, after partying to excess, I have caused three pairs of trousers to rip.

“My skin is bad and I feel fat and not like myself.
I’m going to Prague soon for a revamp, but it will all be non-invasive. I won’t be having any more plastic surgery unless it’s essential maintenance work.”

Alves previously made headlines when he revealed that he had paid £28,000 to have four ribs removed in the hopes it would make his waist appear smaller.

Back in January, he appeared on This Morning and told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he carries the removed bones around in a jar and that he originally wanted six removed but struggled to find a doctor that would oblige.

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves (ITV)

Doctors refused to perform the surgery in full, saying the risks were too great, and instead agreed to remove the four “floating ribs”.

The hosts suggested he would have been better to spend the money on therapy than cosmetic altercations, but Rodrigo hit back to reveal has had both.

“Well I am 34 years old, it has been a very long journey for me,” he said. “I love the way I look. I love to stand out.

“Yes, there is contentment in my soul. Plastic surgery has changed my life. From water to wine.”

Rodrigo Alves

Alves estimates that he’s spent around £700k achieving his Ken-like look (rodrigoalvesuk/Instagram)

While his aim was to “do [his] blazers up without having to breathe in or have them altered,” Alves recently explained to MailOnline that he “doesn’t feel any smaller than [he] did before.” He has two scars on his back and said he regrets the procedure.

“I am in pain in the evenings,” he said. “It’s not unbearable but it’s on my mind and now I wonder what I was thinking.”

In February, he opened up about wanting to ditch the ‘Human Ken Doll’ persona and focus on broadening his career instead.


“I now want to focus on building my brand with my style, fashion and personality,” he told The Sun. “I was at the Golden Globes in LA last week and I met a lot of people who would be interested in my work as an actor too.”
In March, Alves spoke of his terror after he said his London home was broken into.

He was forced to fly back from the US to deal with the consequences of the reported break-in.

The star said: “I had to ditch going to Elton John’s Oscar party and get an emergency flight back to London after the burglars broke in.”

Rodrigo Alves (ITV)

He added: “I hope they were just being opportunistic rather than trying to cause me harm, but it’s a horrible feeling knowing that someone has invaded your personal space.

“I felt a bit scared sleeping there since but I have a friend with me and a really good security system, so I know I will be fine.”

Thanks to a high-tech alarm system, the star was alerted to the alleged break-in.

He said: “I’m worried that because people have seen my extensive Louis Vuitton collection or my Cartier jewellery that it made me an easy target but it’s unlikely.

“There are other things dotted around that are personal to me, like the ribs I keep in a jar.”

Rodrigo Alves (ITV)

Alves explained: “I split my main time between London, Marbella and LA, but my London home is my pied a terre.”

He has also said he wants to be a father.

“I really want to get a dog and have some children,” Alves explained.

“Obviously my kids won’t look anything like me because I have changed my look with 60 surgeries,” he clarified.

“Now that I am done with plastic surgeries I will have more time to dedicate myself.

“But if they did want to have surgery after they turn 18, I will support them and pay for it just like my family did,” he added.