Ohio woman who claims cabbage juice can ‘cure’ homosexuality faces state probe

An Ohio woman who claims that fermented cabbage juice can ‘cure’ or reverse homosexuality is under scrutiny from the state’s attorney general’s office.

Jillian Epperly, 44, also claims that the juice drink can reverse the ageing process, autism, and Down syndrome, regrow limbs and organs, and notes that “the LGBT lifestyle is a possible mutation of the reproductive system that sends mixed signals to the brain.”

Epperly says that the root of all disease is a gut parasite called candida, and recommends ‘Jilly Juice’ as a solution.

The juice is a blended combination of salt, water, kale or cabbage, which is fermented at room temperature over a few days.

She advises drinking up to a gallon a day, which will rid the gut of fungus, excreted in diarrhoea – which she calls “waterfalls.”

“I’m proud of being a leader of a poop cult,” she joked in a post on her Facebook page.

Jilly Juice website (JillyJuice.com/screengrab)

Epperly has no medical training or education but has a growing online audience.

According to BuzzFeed News, she has various critics attempting to take her down, while the Ohio attorney general’s office has received complaints from people concerned that Epperly’s claims are doing harm.

The attorney general’s office informed initial complainants that their queries had been passed on to the FDA or the State Medical Board of Ohio, though following further complaints, it has taken action itself, and sent Epperly a letter requesting “written data, reports, and evidence regarding claims made on jillyjuice.com and in testimonials,” said spokesperson Kate Hanson.

Experts told BuzzFeed News that Epperly’s theory has no basis in medical science and that the drink is potentially dangerous for people with some health conditions.

Generic green juice (PxHere)

In similar news, the media’s favourite advocate for gay ‘cure’ therapy, Dr. Mike Davidson, has no medical qualifications whatsoever.

Davidson, the head of fringe Christian group the Core Issues Trust, has been interviewed more than a dozen times by major media outlets over the past year expressing his belief that gay people can be cured.

The advocate for the controversial practice, which has been disavowed by nearly every major medical and psychological authority, has been given a platform on national television, including ITV’s Good Morning Britain last September.

However, though presenters regularly introduce the activist as Dr. Mike Davidson, he does not possess any medical or psychological qualifications.

Dr Mike Davidson (ITV/screengrab)

In an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live earlier this year Davidson was repeatedly referred to as Dr. Mike Davidson, with a host informing listeners that he “offers therapy” to deal with “unwanted same sex attraction,” before Davidson proceeded to claim his work proves that homosexual feelings can “often reduce significantly.”

And in a now infamous interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in September, host Piers Morgan repeatedly referred to Davidson as Dr. Michael Davidson, before the guest asserted his belief that homosexuality is a curable condition.

Davidson told PinkNews that he uses the honorific Dr. title because he has an academic qualification.