Horrible bigot! Piers Morgan yells at man who claims he can ‘cure’ homosexuality on Good Morning Britain

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Piers Morgan has thrown the book at a man who claimed to be able to cure homosexuality.

The returning Good Morning Britain presenter could hardly contain his anger as guest Dr Michael Davidson claimed he could stop people being gay.

Dr Davidson is so convinced by his own claims that he insists he managed to ‘cure’ himself of homosexuality.

The TV chat soon turned heated as Piers laid into the idea that being gay was an invention which could be turned on and off.

Horrible bigot! Piers Morgan yells at man who claims he can ‘cure’ homosexuality on Good Morning Britain

Dr. Davidson rebutted the brash TV host as he suggested a “population group are unhappy with homosexuality” – to which Piers pointed out he meant himself.

The 52 year old, who has previously been criticised for his views on non-binary people, began: “You know what we call these people? We call them horrible little bigots in the modern world.

“Bigoted people who talk complete claptrap and, in my view, a malevolent and dangerous part of our society.

“What’s the matter with you? Stop talking for a moment. Stop banging on.”

The so-called gay cure doctor looked visibly uncomfortable as Piers laid into him.

Dr. Michael Davidson

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“You seem to care very much, you seem to think he wasn’t born gay and now needs to be cured.

“To which I say, shut up you old bigot! Sorry, but this is ridiculous.”

The show has been criticised, however, for airing the debate.

Some viewers took to Twitter to argue the issue shouldn’t even be up for debate – as so-called gay cure therapy has been widely debunked.

Frustrated Twitter user Phil Ford wrote: “Thoughts? How about you don’t give this kind of hate the airtime? No doubt Piers will bathe in this like the venom he spouts.”

Another, Simon Paddy, said: “Sadly I cynically suspect this is so Piers can “shut him down” and get a 54 sec clip shared around so we all forget PM is a dreadful human.”


Gay cure therapy has been widely and conclusively debunked by experts – it is not possible to forcefully change a person’s sexuality.

Despite this, the practice remains broadly legal in the UK, with a Liverpool church being exposed as telling gay people they could be ‘cured’ by starvation just weeks ago.

It is banned on the NHS, and any professional who is a member of the General Medical Council found to offer gay cure therapy would be struck off.