Children not ’emotionally ready’ for ‘deviant’ gay penguins, says journalist

Gay penguins London Zoo

Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow caused a Twitter storm last week over her opposition to the stars of London Zoo’s Pride celebrations — gay penguins.

For Pride month, London Zoo put up a mini banner which says “Some penguins are gay, get over it” in the penguin enclosure to celebrate the three same-sex penguin couples that live there.

Farrow wrote: “This sign forces families to discuss a topic with their children that they feel their kids may not be emotionally ready for. It’s politicisation and an intrusion into family life.”

She also called the banner, which is an homage to Stonewall’s iconic “Get Over It” campaign, “confrontational propaganda” and “virtue signalling.”

She continued: “People are just sick to the back teeth of being forced to celebrate the decadence of the rainbow and applaud others’ private lives.”

“Imagine taking your 6 year old to London zoo and them asking you which penguins are gay?” she said in yet another tweet.

“It’s nonsense like this which is causing a pushback. Which isn’t hatred but people saying enough. Stop pushing your values on my children.

“Imagine the reaction of the National Secular Society or the British Humanists if London zoo had a sign saying some emus are Catholic; get over it?!”

caroline farrow tweet about gay penguins

Caroline Farrow posted multiple tweets about the gay penguins. (Caroline Farrow/ Twitter)

Caroline Farrow called the gay penguins “deviant”

Among the many responses, one Twitter user wrote: “Imagine telling your six year old that no one should care about it because all penguins are free to choose who they love.”

“Homosexual behaviour is documented in over 450 species of animals worldwide – including penguins,” said another.

As the backlash went on, Farrow wrote: “Still so much anger. All over saying that the deviant behaviour of penguins isn’t analogous to humans and we shouldn’t look to the animal kingdom for morality.

“And children shouldn’t be subject to aggressive ideological messaging.”

She also referenced the children’s book And Tango Makes Three, about a pair of male penguins raising a chick together, saying that her children hated it.

“They cried and found it incredibly traumatic that the baby penguin didn’t have a mummy,” she said.