Police officer sacked after ‘calling for parents of trans kids to be shot’

A police officer was sacked after making derogatory comments

A police officer has been sacked after he allegedly branded parents of trans kids “lunatics” and suggested they should be shot.

PC Mick Colbourne was dismissed from Lincolnshire Police on Friday (August 2) after a panel found that he had breached professional standards of conduct.

Police officer hit out at ‘lunatic’ parents of trans kids

Witnesses told the hearing that Colbourne had made derogatory comments in a discussion about transgender people, saying:  “I’ve come to a conclusion that these 12-year-olds who don’t know what gender they are, their parents should be lined up and shot.”

He is also alleged to have said: “They are lunatics. They are wrong in the head. Their parents are to blame.”

However, according to the BBC, Colbourne denies holding transphobic views.

PC Mick Colbourne was dismissed from Lincolnshire Police

PC Mick Colbourne was dismissed from Lincolnshire Police

He said: “I’m not bigoted. I didn’t say transgender, transvestites or gender fluid people are lunatics… the only people I call lunatics are the parents.”

The officer told the panel that he had said: “Parents who exert pressure on teenagers to change gender are bonkers.”

According to Lincolnshire Live, Colbourne had already been issued a written warning for a homophobic comment.

Colbourne is also alleged to have compared the police working environment to “working with the Gestapo.”

He denied making a Nazi salute outside the police station, claiming: “It was a wave goodbye. They may have misinterpreted the way I waved goodbye to people.”

Officers ‘must be beyond reproach’

Detective Superintendent Suzanne Davies, Head of Professional Standards, said: “Police officers hold extraordinary trust and powers; we must be beyond reproach

“The standards of professional behaviour expected of police officers is clearly set out in legislation and the code of ethics.

“The panel today found PC Mick Colbourne’s conduct breached those standards and this amounted to misconduct.”

She added: “PC Colbourne has been dismissed without notice and his name will be added to the list of those barred from working within policing.

“I expect all Lincolnshire police officers to treat members of the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy and to behave in a manner which does not bring discredit to the police service or undermine public confidence.”