Diplo tells fans ‘I might be gay’ as plane makes emergency landing


The American DJ and music producer Diplo told his fans he “might be gay” as his plane made an emergency landing due to a heavily cracked windshield.

As the pilots donned oxygen masks, Diplo connected to the plane’s WiFi to send an Instagram post coming out to his followers.

“Dear Columbus and Minneapolis, my jet window just cracked open and the pilots are wearing masks so I’m not sure I’ll make it to my show tonight,” he wrote, adding: “Also I never told you this but I might be gay…”

After the danger had passed he posted an update, saying: “We landed and no one died I still might be gay but I’m definitely not going to [fly] any more jets…”

Diplo (real name Thomas Pentz) is the lead member of the electronic dance music trio, Major Lazer. He’s also the artist behind hit songs like Ellie Goulding‘s “Close to Me” and “Where Are Ü Now” by Justin Bieber.

He has previously responded to rumours about his sexuality. In January, when a fan questioned if he was straight, he simply tweeted in reply: “Masculinity is a prison.”

He received an outpouring of support and his tweet was liked nearly 30,000 times.

But some are questioning whether his latest ‘coming out’ post might just have been a reference to the Almost Famous flight turbulence scene, in which one character shouts out, “I’m gay!”

While fans continue to speculate online, Diplo hasn’t commented further on his sexuality ⁠— but the day after he told fans: “Yesterday I learned that life is fragile so I started a skincare routine.”


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Yesterday I learned that life is fragile so I started a skin care routine .. also if your thinking of dating me or even a one night stand you should hit me up soon cause you never know I could be eaten by an alligator or something on one of my wierd tours

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Major Lazer is currently on tour and is set to perform in Nurburg, Germany at the New Horizons Festival 2019 on August 21.