American Medical Association calls for ban on traumatising conversion therapy for adults and kids

The American Medical Association has backed a legal ban on conversion therapy

The American Medical Association will join efforts to legally ban the discredited practise of gay ‘cure’ therapy in all 50 states.

The body, which is among the hundreds of medical authorities to oppose conversion therapy, threw its weight behind efforts for a formal legal ban.

At a meeting on Tuesday, the AMA’s House of Delegates greenlit plans to develop model legislation to “ban so-called reparative or conversion therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity,” advocating for a legal ban on the practise both at the state level and federally.

Practising conversion therapy on minors is still legal in 32 US states, while no states have banned it for adults.

Conversion therapy ‘needs to end’

AMA Board Member William E. Kobler, M.D said: “It is clear to the AMA that the conversion therapy needs to end in the United States given the risk of deliberate harm to LGBTQ people.

“Conversion therapy has no foundation as scientifically valid medical care and lacks credible evidence to support its efficacy or safety.”

The American Medical Association has backed a legal ban on conversion therapy

The American Medical Association has backed a legal ban on conversion therapy

Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David said: “The discredited practice of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ poses a significant threat to the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth.

“These new policies from the American Medical Association reaffirm the urgent need to protect LGBTQ youth from this dangerous practice.

“This policy will also be a critical resource for state legislators across the country as they work toward crafting legislation combating ‘conversion therapy.’

“No child should have to endure this painful and life-threatening practice, and we are glad to see the AMA taking seriously the need to protect LGBTQ youth.”

American Medical Association backs major changes for transgender patient records

The AMA’s policy-making body, which brings together physicians, medical students and residents representing every state and medical field, agreed other LGBT-inclusive policies at the meeting.

The body backed changes that would see the preferred name, gender identity, and pronoun preference voluntarily flagged on the medical records of transgender patients, to prevent occasions where they may be misgendered or denied access to care.

A further policy encourages education on health issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity for all medical professionals.

Alphonso David of HRC continued: “Inclusive health records that respect the identities of all patients is central to building a health care system that can serve everyone.

“Improving electronic health records for transgender patients will dramatically enhance the ability of providers to uphold the privacy and dignity of their patients.

“The voices of medical professionals have long been central to the growing support for LGBTQ-inclusive laws, policies and communities — these AMA policies continue that trend.”