New ‘eBussy’ convertible truck unveiled to the world and you can absolutely guess how it went down with the gays

Presenting the eBussy. Yes, really. (ElectricBrands/Twitter)

In today’s edition of ‘Companies, please, please hire more LGBT+ people challenge’, a convertible truck has been unveiled to the world – a world we cannot escape from – that is genuinely called “eBussy”.

Oh, reader, how we wish we were kidding. ElectridBrands revealed a prototype for the vehicle on Tuesday (28 July).

It’s an electric vehicle that can take on 10 different body types. The eBussy is flexible. You can ride the eBussy for hours… with its 10 kWh battery pack. And, with its rounded doors, anyone one of any size can enter the eBussy with ease.

Now, according to the German mobility company, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, four-wheeled eBussy. The electric vehicle allows users to customise the shape and size at will.

Indeed as HypeBeast reported users can customise it into a road or off-road flatbed truck, a bus, a dump truck, a universal transporter, a single-cab pickup, a camper, a suitcase van, a “Kombi” pickup or an open-cabrio pickup

True versatility from the eBussy.

LGBT+ Twitter users driven into madness by ‘eBussy’ vehicle. 

Trending on Twitter at the same time as “demon sperm” (more on that here), LGBT+ Twitter users basically made any joke imaginable about the name which, if you didn’t know, sounds a lot a slang used by queer men to describe their own anatomy.

A truly cursed portmanteau of “boy” and “p***y”, “bussy” has, according to Urban Dictionary, “been used for at least 15 years by gay men to describe their man hole of love”. And ElectridBrands certainly aren’t the first company to make this error.

So, as you’d expect, the name threw most users off the deep end. Despite that fact that, after all, gays can’t drive, it seemed a fair amount were ready and rearing to ride the eBussy.