Bus company unveils its new mascot ‘Bussi’ and everyone is making the same joke

A Spanish bus company has unveiled its newest mascot, and its name is… wait for it… ‘Bussi’.

The – slightly horrifying – mascot reveal by TUS (Transport Urban Sabadell) has gone viral on Twitter, with user @huwlemmey reposting a TikTok from the company’s page.

Bussi, whose design mimics a transport map, marches down a red carpet, poses, performs a dance routine and meets children.

The bus service runs in the Spanish town of Sabadell, which is in the north-eastern part of Spain in Catalonia.

The internet, however, has taken Bussi’s name and run with it.

The original TikTok video poster continued his thread, asking the question on all of our minds: “[Why] the hell do you not employ a single gay person in your whole damn company?”

An excellent question, and one that other users chose to reply to.

One wrote: “To be fair, if I worked at that company, I’d be like ‘yup! That’s PERFECT’ and then laugh and laugh and laugh.”

Another said: “To be fair, if I was the one gay person working in that company I would also be like, ‘Yeah, Bussi sounds like a *great* name for our mascot!'”

This particularly tongue-in-cheek reaction is a highlight.

Other reactions have been extremely varied.

“We love Bussi,” one user wrote.

“His name is what?” asked another.

A third commented: “Disgusting, diabolical beast.” This seems a little harsh to us.

Twitter users have also commented on the presentation of the mascot.

Users have pointed out the slang ‘bussy’ does not necessarily translate in – cough – quite the same way that ‘bussy’ may be read in English.

“Imagine having to explain in a meeting that this went viral because of what ‘bussy‘ means in English.”

For those that don’t know what ‘bussy’ means, please revisit this milestone of pop culture, which is Taron Egerton discovering the meaning of the word for himself. Enjoy.