Anti-LGBTQ+ One Million Moms rages over Disney cartoon with talking fire trucks and lesbian mums

A still from Disney Junior's "Firebuds" shows a police car, a fire struck and an ambulance with their child drivers clearly seen out in front of the vehicles

The right-wing group One Million Moms is “outraged”, once again, over Disney LGBTQ+ content, this time taking aim at a cartoon called Firebuds. 

The group, which has nowhere near one million members, is notorious for starting petitions opposing LGBTQ+ representation.

After trying – and failing – to start a widespread boycott of Disney’s Lightyear over a lesbian kiss, it’s now launched a petition because a character in a Disney Junior show has two mums. 

Firebuds follows a boy and his fire truck in a fantasy world where talking vehicles live, work and play with the humans who drive them.

Monica Cole, the sole employee dedicated to One Million Moms, emailed supporters to warn them about the alleged “dangers” of the show, explaining: “Now, Disney’s animated series Firebuds has added a same-sex couple to the show. One of the main characters, Violet, has two moms in the Vega-Vaughn family.”

She added: “I am outraged that Disney Junior is using the children’s cartoon Firebuds to promote same-sex marriage. 

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“It is offensive to me and my family that Disney is glorifying the homosexual lifestyle.” 

The petition noted Disney Junior having shown a same-sex couple before in a 2017 episode of Doc McStuffin.

Cole said One Million Moms is “so concerned with the normalisation of a sinful lifestyle choice during a children’s animated show designed for preschoolers”, adding: “This type of sexuality should never be included in a children’s cartoon, much less praised.” 

Until Disney cancels the show, Cole says One Million Moms will boycott all Disney shows.

The show’s creator Craig Gerber has made clear that LGBTQ+ inclusion has always been at the core of the show.

He tweeted in September 2022: “After I sold the Firebuds pitch, my first detailed show overview included Violet’s two moms. 

“Disney gave us 100 per cent full support from day one. Thrilled to be making an inclusive show that reflects the diverse world we live in w/folks who care as much as I do.”

It is not the first time One Million Moms,  a front for the anti-LGBTQ+ fundamentalist lobbying group American Family Association, has targeted Dinsey’s LGBTQ-inclusive content.

Last year it set on Drag Race All Stars winner, Shea Couleé, and her Marvel series, Ironheart.

It claimed Couleé’s casting means “Disney and Marvel place more importance on LGBTQ indoctrination than they do on the well-being of children”.

The group launched another petition against dating site after it aired an advert that showed a gay couple eating toast and sharing a hug. The group said it was “promoting same-sex relationships”, which pushed the “LGBTQ+ agenda”. 

PinkNews has contacted One Million Moms and Disney for comment. 

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