Lisa Simpson voice Yeardley Smith sets the record straight on those bisexual theories

Lisa Simpson

Is Lisa Simpson bisexual? Yeardley Smith, the voice of The Simpsons’ iconic eight-year-old, has weighed in.

She joined the Stryker & Klein show on Los Angeles’ KROQ radio to answer some burning questions about the character she’s played for more than three decades.

When asked if Lisa Simpson is bisexual, Smith said that she believes Lisa does not yet define her sexuality.

Smith said: “People in the LGBTQ community often say ‘I knew from the get-go!’, but in my heart and soul, Lisa is eight and she loves girly things.”

The 56-year-old continued: “But I’m totally open to the possibilities of her exploring other ways of life […] but she’s eight people!”

Lisa Simpson will grow up to become ‘president and polyamorous’, says showrunner. 

Lisa Simpson being bisexual is a common theory among LGBT+ fans, especially as some episodes appear to at least imply that she might be queer.

A notable season 23 episode flashed forward to Lisa’s future, showing her in a polyamorous relationship with three girls – but eventually marrying Milhouse.

Al Jean, a showrunner on The Simpsons, said that he always saw Lisa growing up to “become president and possibly polyamorous”.

Jean, whose involvement with The Simpsons dates back to 1991, also said that his team was looking to introduce more LGBT+ characters to the show in future.

Lisa would be in no way the first LGBT+ character in the colourful cast of Springfield residents – Lisa’s aunt, Patty Bouvier, came out as a lesbian in season 16.

Waylon Smithers is seen to constantly want the affection of Mr Burns, finally coming out to his boss in season 27 while singing a ballad about his unrequited love for him.

Clara Hosenfrauen was a minor a transgender character – an action movie star and the sidekick of McBain.