Man shocked to discover WandaVision’s Elizabeth Olsen is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s sister has queer fans losing it

Headshots of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, in Full House. Elizabeth Olsen in Wandavision

As Wandavision takes viewers to another reality of soapy suburbia, queer fans were left in shock as one man admitted he only just realised who Elizabeth Olsen is.

Elizabeth Olsen’s performance as Wanda Maixmoff has delighted viewers, as her character tries to conceal her reality-warping powers while living the idyllic suburban life in the town of Westview.

But it seems not everyone knows who the 31-year-old Avengers actor is, or who her fellow famous siblings are.

Nick Chester, the communications director of Epic Games, endearingly announced on Twitter that he just realised that the actor who “plays Wanda on WandaVision is the younger sister of the GOD DAMNED TODDLERS from the sitcom Full House.

“Now other old people, you need to sit with me in the empty pit of darkness of that knowledge.”

But Chester’s realisation that Elizabeth is the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who jointly starred as Michelle Elizabeth Tanner in the iconic sitcom, had queer fans stumped.

Wandavision fans confounded at guy who didn’t know Elizabeth Olsen was related to Olsen twins.

For many, not knowing who the Olsen siblings are is the epitome of “straight male culture”.

Other users joked that naming the Olsen twins’ solely as the “god damned toddlers from Full House” amounted to blasphemy itself.

While Lords of Chaos actor Valter Skarsgård, brother to It‘s Bill Skarsgård and The Legend of Tarzan’s Alexander Skarsgård, among his other aggressively tall and talented siblings, cracked the obligatory joke.

WandaVision has kept viewers on their toes since it debuted on Disney Plus in January. (Warning – spoilers)

Having started out as a black and white sitcom pastiche, the series has since jumped through the decades, revealing Wanda and Vision’s soapy reality to be a “hex” cast by the Scarlet Witch over the entire town of Westview.

The most recent episode revealed Wanda had stolen Vision’s corpse and reanimated it – though it remains a mystery as to how much Vision knows.

The series has also introduced Wanda and Vision’s twin sons, one of whom grows up to be a key queer member of the Young Avengers.