Gay journalist has defiant message for pathetic homophobes who egged him after Pride

ABC reporter Mark Reddie

ABC crime reporter Mark Reddie has shared his shock after he and his friends were egged by a group of homophobic thugs after Pride.

Reddie was returning from Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday (6 March) with a group of “gay guys” when a car stopped suddenly in front of them.

The group of men inside the car then repeatedly launched eggs at Mark Reddie and his friends, the TV reporter alleges.

“We were leaving a Mardi Gras party and there was a group of four of us. We were walking along Riley Street and a car screeched on its brakes and threw boxes of eggs at us. They sped off laughing. As we walked up the road, there were egg shells everywhere.

“Clearly they were targeting the LGBTQI community – gay hate crimes still exist,” Reddie told Star Observer.

The TV reporter also posted on Twitter soon after the incident. “If you think some eggs are going to rattle us, think again. You did not succeed,” he wrote.

Reddie said New South Wales Police are now investigating the incident, and understands that similar attacks happened in the area that night. Seeing his tweet, one individual confirmed they too were victim to a similar assault on the same street.

“This happened to us as well. [A] car drove past and threw a carton. Didn’t faze us as none of the eggs landed. S**t shots,” they wrote.

Mark Reddie said it was important these incidents were made public and he wanted to raise awareness.

ABC is aware of the incident and said it “deplores” those responsible.

“Mark has made a report to police and he has the full support of the ABC,” a spokesperson said. “We have offered him any assistance he needs.”