Will Young thanks Spencer Matthews for ‘respectful’ response after ‘offensive’ gay joke

Headshots of Will Young and Spencer Matthews

Will Young has thanked Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews for reaching out to him after making an “offensive” gay joke on a BBC One show.

The singer, 42, slammed Matthews for a remark he made on BBC gameshow This Is My House, which sees celebrities guess which one of four contenders owns the house they’re being shown around.

As panellists debated which of the potential homeowners uses the most hairspray, Matthews quipped: “Who’s the least gay?”

Watching the show on Sunday night (18 April) Will Young immediately took to Instagram to slam Spencer Matthews for “reaffirming offensive and harmful stereotypes” about gay people.

While Young said that while the BBC has yet to respond to his concerns, Matthews has.

Though he did not go into any detail about the message, Young thanked the entrepreneur for contacting him.

“[Spencer Matthews] has had the [maturity] and respect to respond in a very understanding way and I completely appreciate it,” he wrote in an Instagram Story uploaded Monday evening (19 April).

A photograph of a dog lying on the floor by a pair of wellies with text which reads: '[Spencer Matthews] has had the mature and respect to respond in a very understanding way and I completely appreciate it. Thank you, sir.'

Will Young said Spencer Matthews had contacted him. (Screen capture via Instagram/@willyoungofficial)

“Thank you, sir.”

Will Young took aim at Spencer Matthews and the BBC for ‘offensive’ joke

The apparent apology came after Will Young demanded answers from the BBC and Spencer Matthews for the quip, scolding the reality television star for turning to stale tropes about gay people for a laugh.

“Asking, ‘who is the least gay’, on BBC iPlayer’s [This Is My House], I find completely offensive,” he fumed.

Will Young hit out at Spencer Matthews and the BBC. (Instagram)

“What does ‘least gay’ mean? Most ‘masculine’, least ‘effeminate, for f**k sake, BBC, don’t you realise it is completely affirming offensive and shameful stereotypes.

“I’m gay, take it up the bum and like football and cars. Might blow your mind, [Spencer Matthews].”

Later that afternoon, Young gave an update revealing that he had contacted the BBC about the comment – “no reply”, he said.

Young urged the BBC to respond, “or perhaps some sort of understanding and sense of being educated from a privileged show person (which I am as well).”

When reached by email, the BBC declined to comment Tuesday (20 April).