A UK spa has launched a Harry Styles themed day with a candle that smells like him. Yes, really

A Harry Styles themed spa day is launching in his hometown, Redditch. (SpaSeekers)

A Harry Styles themed spa day is coming to the UK that will make you watermelon sugar high.

The spa day inspired by the pop icon is launching at a hotel in Harry Styles’ hometown of Redditch.

Aptly named the Watermelon Sugar High Spa Day, it’s now available to book exclusively through the SpaSeekers website.

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So what exactly does a Harry Styles spa day consist of? Well, there’s a 55-minute “Adore You” skin facial and a 25-minute yuzu, pink beets and watermelon (of course) full body scrub.

During your treatments you’ll have a curated Harry Styles playlist to lull you into relaxation – because unfortunately he can’t be there to serenade you. Or rub things on your body.

There’s also a relaxation room session – also soundtracked by Harry Styles – with a watermelon lemonade cooler for immunity-boosting vibes.

To finish up you’ll get a picnic lunch and the spa have confirmed there will be no olives or beetroot in sight because apparently Harry hates them. Good to know.

Saving the best for last, there’s also a “breathe me in” candle burning whilst you pamper, which the spa says “smell like the man himself”, with a woody tobacco, essential oils and spices, honey and vanilla scent. We wish we could confirm whether that was true or not, but sadly we have never managed to catch a whiff of Harry in person.

The "Breathe me in" candle which the spa says smells like Harry Styles himself. (SpaSeekers)

The “Breathe me in” candle which the spa says smells like Harry Styles himself. (SpaSeekers)

They’ve also teased “a treat coming to a spa near you in the future,” alongside a picture of more Harry Styles-themed products including bubble bath, shower gel and moisturiser.

They all feature the same woody tobacco scent as the candle, because according to the “eagle-eyed fans of his social media” he is a fan of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille fragrance.

The spa day will all take place against the backdrop of The Abbey Hotel in Redditch, which is located in the 175 acres of countryside.

The Watermelon Sugar High Spa Day is priced at £72 per person and you can book it through spaseekers.com.

This spa launch follows up recent rumours that Harry himself is taking a leap into the beauty industry after he registered a company called “Pleased As Holdings” with Companies House in May 2021.

So if he releases his own beauty line you can stock up your night bag for the Watermelon Sugar High Spa Day with your Harry Styles beauty products for the ultimate day of “Style”.