Britney Spears asks judge to replace father with powerhouse forensic accountant

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Britney Spears’ lawyer has asked a judge to remove her father from her conservatorship and replace him with a forensic accountant.

The New York Times reported that Matthew Rosengart, who was appointed Spears’ lawyer on 14 July, filed a petition in a Los Angeles probate court Monday (26 July) asking for accountant Jason Rubin to be named as the new conservator of her estate. That role is currently held by Spears’ father, Jamie Spears.

The outlet also reported that Rosengart also filed a petition to remove Jamie Spears as a conservator.

Rubin states on his LinkedIn profile that as a forensic accountant, his experience “consists of complex matters involving securities litigation, criminal, real estate, intellectual property, bankruptcy, fiduciary and trust litigation, family law, employment law, insured reimbursement of claimed losses and other general civil complex litigation”.

According to the newspaper, Rosengart cited a section of the probate code that gives the court discretion to remove a conservator if it is “in the best interests” of the conservatee. He also pointed out Spears’ explosive address to the court in June.

That court appearance marked the first time Spears had spoken publicly and in-depth about the conservatorship, which was put in place following a mental health crisis in 2008. The arrangement has allowed her father to exercise control over various aspects of her personal life, career and finances.

During her appearance, Spears described how her father “loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000 per cent” and declared that the “conservatorship is abusive”. She also pleaded: “I just want my life back”.

Singer Britney Spears (2nd, L) and family (L-R), father Jamie, brother Bryan and mother Lynne. (Chris Farina/Corbis via Getty Images)

Britney Spears’ lawyer argued her father would “willingly step aside” if he “genuinely loves” his daughter.

Rosengart said in his filing that the “most pressing issue” facing the pop star is “removing Mr Spears as the conservator of the estate”.

According to the New York Times, Rosengart argued in his petition: “Any father who genuinely loves his daughter and has her best interests at heart should willingly step aside in favor of the highly respected professional fiduciary nominated here.”

He also noted that the court ruled Spears had the capacity to choose her own lawyer so she “likewise has sufficient capacity to make this nomination”.

The New York Times reported the petition was supported by Jodi Montgomery – Britney Spears’ current conservator of person– and her mother, Lynne Spears.

The next status hearing in the case is scheduled for 29 September, according to the New York Times.