Grimes’ new song is a thinly-veiled roast of Elon Musk and fans are obsessed

Fans believe that Grimes’ newest song, “Player of Games”, makes a few barely-disguised references to her break-up with billionaire Elon Musk. 

The song, which is littered with references to space, seems to touch on her three-year relationship with Musk, who she split with in September.

“Sail away / To the cold expanse of space / Even love / Couldn’t keep you in your place,” “Player of Games”, which Grimes released on Friday (3 December), goes. 

The lyrics continue: “I’m in love / With the greatest gamer / But he’ll always love the game / More than he loves me”. 

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is looking to colonise Mars, which seems to be referenced within Grimes’ (real name Claire Boucher) celestially-themed lyrics.

The company also has a $178 million contract with NASA to help them reach Jupiter’s ice-crusted moon, Europa, and see if it could be habitable for humans, referenced in the lyric: “Would you still love me / Out on Europa.”

Grimes fans were quick to pick up on the references after the release of “Player of Games”, which comes ahead of her new album, Book 1.

Grimes and Musk share a one-year-old child together named X Æ A-xii, who Grimes has stated will choose their own gender.

Before giving birth, she explained: “I don’t want to say the gender of the baby… because I feel like their privacy should be protected.

“I don’t think they can consent to being famous or being in public. And I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life.”

The couple announced their separation in September due to work commitments keeping them long-distance, however they are reportedly “on good terms”. 

Since the couple split, Grimes jokingly announced that she is now looking to launch a “lesbian space commune”

“I’ll be colonising [one of Jupiter’s moons] Europa separately from Elon for the lesbian space commune,” she joked in an email to Page Six.

PinkNews contacted representatives for Grimes and Elon Musk for comment.