Killing Eve season four slammed as ‘predictable’ and ‘out of ideas’ – but queer fans remain loyal

Eve and Villanelle in front of an array of candles

Killing Eve’s season four premiere has been panned by reviewers – but loyal fans aren’t going anywhere.

The drama has long been a favourite among LGBT+ women. But after it made its return in the US on Sunday (27 February), critics have accused Killing Eve of being “out of new ideas”.

We won’t share any spoilers, but a two-star review in the Guardian read: “It’s still recognisably Killing Eve and it’s still kinda cool, but it’s out of new ideas.”

The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, said: “Villanelle, once an agent of chaos, has become predictable in her taste for blood.”

Fans, however, seemed more receptive to the show’s final season, with a Twitter user saying: “I loved these two episodes of Killing Eve [season four], I don’t care what people say omg I need more, why do we have to wait a week.”

Despite the negative press, many fans have stated that they will remain loyal to the show due to its iconic lead actors, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

“Straight people might give negative reviews for [season four] but Killing Eve is literally made for gay people, and gay people’s happiness is all that matters,” one Twitter user said.


Fans have had a long wait since the final episode of Killing Eve‘s third season aired on BBC America and on the UK’s BBC iPlayer in April and May 2020, with production for season four delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the BBC announcing that series four will be the show’s last, fans have been jumping on any teaser they possibly could.

In December last year, the Killing Eve Twitter account bamboozled fans by posting a mysterious update simply reading: “Tomorrow”.

The tweet, which revealed itself to be a teaser trailer for the new series, led one user to comment: “I’m a homosexual having a panic attack”.

How and when to watch Killing Eve in the UK

Killing Eve season four, episode one is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

The episode will be aired on BBC One Saturday at 9.15pm.

New episodes will drop on iPlayer weekly, just hours after they premiere in the US.

There will be eight episodes this season, with Villanelle and Eve’s story coming to an end in April.