Kristen Stewart follows Oscars snub with new gay romantic thriller

Kristen Stewart poses for the camera while wearing a black lacy outfit

Kristen Stewart is gearing up to flex her acting muscles in a new queer romantic thriller set in the competitive bodybuilding world. 

Stewart, who was recently snubbed at the Oscars, is teaming up with English director Rose Glass for a new romantic thriller titled Love Lies Bleeding. The companies behind the project described the film as a romance fueled by ego, desire and the American dream set in the world of competitive bodybuilders, according to the Hollywood Reporter

​​Stewart has been signed on to play the co-lead of the film, and her character has been described as the “protective lover of a female bodybuilder”. 

It’s currently unknown who will be playing Stewart’s muscled lover, and the film’s creators are still currently searching for someone who is as authentic to the role as possible. 

Moviegoers will also be able to get a glimpse into the extreme lengths that the lead character will go to in order to get ahead in the high-pressure bodybuilding industry. 

Honestly, the entire film sounds right up Kristen Stewart’s alley as she has the acting chops to play a heartfelt queer role set in such an intense, utterly unique and (probably) sweaty world. 

Love Lies Bleeding will be Glass’ second foray as director after her 2019 psychological horror film Saint Maud. Glass co-wrote the script alongside Weronika Tofilska, and A24 will be backing the movie with Channel 4’s feature division Film4. 

Stewart landed her first Oscar nomination earlier this year for her stunning yet eerily accurate portrayal of Princess Diana in the biopic Spencer. While she didn’t end the night with an award to put up in her home, she did share a beautiful red carpet kiss with fiancée Dylan Meyer – causing the entire internet to implode. 

Kristen Stewart teased earlier this year that she’s decided to team up professionally with Meyer on a new TV series. The Twilight star said she was initially hesitant to begin writing a TV series with the screenwriter as she didn’t want it to “affect this beautiful relationship”. 

But Stewart said the pair discovered they actually have a “super brain” when working together and finished writing the show’s first episode in a little over a week. 

“She’s a really genuinely brilliant f**king screenwriter,” Stewart gushed.