Olympic footballer Tobin Heath appears to come out with ‘I am gay’ artwork

Olympic football star Tobin Heath appears to come out with 'I am gay' artwork

Olympic footballer Tobin Heath appeared to come out by sharing a piece of artwork which reads: “I am gay”.

The US women’s national team striker, who has also played for Manchester United and Arsenal, did not directly confirm her sexuality, but was congratulated by friends and fans after sharing the artwork, titled “Out Now”.

Heath shared the piece in an Instagram post, saying: “I’m going to be in a museum”.

Fellow US national footballer Ashlyn Harris commented on the post, saying: “So proud of you. Love you so much my dear friend.”

The artwork was sold on Tuesday (21 June) for auction at gender-neutral streetwear brand re—inc, a company Heath founded with team members Megan Rapinoe, Meghan Klingenberg and Christen Press.

According to re—inc, Out Now is Heath’s “more vulnerable work of art yet”. 

“Each square represents the uniqueness and multi-dimensional nature of a coming out experience…The words ‘I am’ invite both confidence in asserting one’s truth, and also the power to question what’s true to you,” the website reads.


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The football world recently celebrated 17-year-old Jake Daniels coming out as gay, in May.

The Blackpool FC star became the first male pro-footballer in the UK to come out since Justin Fashanu in 1990.

Daniels told Sky Sports that “being gay or bi or queer” in men’s football is “still a taboo” subject, but that it was a “massive relief” to come out.

He added that by coming out, he hopes he can “be a role model” and help “others come out if they want to”.

“I am only 17 but I am clear that this is what I want to do and if, by me coming out, other people look at me and feel maybe they can do it as well, that would be brilliant,” he said. 

“If they think this kid is brave enough do this, I will be able to do it too.”