Euphoria star Hunter Schafer insists she holds ‘absolutely no hatred towards non-binary folks’

Hunter Schafer, a star of the HBO show Euphoria, looks at the camera while wearing a red dress

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has said she has “absolutely no hatred towards non-binary folk” after she liked an Instagram post some described as “transmedicalist”.

The actress faced criticism on social media after she liked and commented on a post claiming non-binary people don’t understand that “binary trans women and men don’t have the luxury of playing around with what it means to be trans the same way [they] do.”

Some hit out at Hunter Schafer for liking the post, claiming it pushed a “transmedicalist” ideology.

That term refers to binary trans people who believe that being trans is inherently tied to gender dysphoria, meaning it must be treated as a medical disorder that requires gender affirming care to help fix.

Schafer has since responded to the backlash, insisting that she has “no hatred” towards non-binary people.

Euphoria‘s Hunter Schafer denies she has ‘disdain’ for non-binary people

In a comment on one of her own Instagram posts, Hunter Schafer said she “agreed” with another trans woman’s post which claimed there was an imbalance in the “visibility and space” taken up between non-binary people and binary trans women.

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Schafer said that was particularly true when it comes to trans women of colour and those engaged in sex work “as a means of survival”.

Hunter Schafer attends the HBO Max FYC event for "Euphoria" at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on April 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Hunter Schafer attends the HBO Max FYC event for “Euphoria” at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on 20 April, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Rodin Eckenroth/Getty)

“I am not a transmedicalist, and my ideology around transness does not align with transmedicalism, nor a disdain towards [non-binary] identifying people.”

The original post liked by Schafer said: “I hope all of the people (enbies) [a shorthand term for non-binary people] who fought to have trans identities no longer considered a medical condition that requires gender dysphoria are happy because you’ve won.

“The red states are beginning to agree with you. Y’all just couldn’t stand to let binary trans people be the voice of this community.

“You had to dismantle all of the guidelines around being trans to fit your narrative so you could feel valid and then you demonised trans people who challenged your ideals.”

Hunter Schafer liked the post and commented with three exclamation marks, and immediately faced strident backlash from trans and non-binary people for her endorsement of the post.

Twitter was generally unconvinced by Schafer’s clarification on the matter.

PinkNews has contacted a representative for Hunter Schafer for comment.

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