Graham Norton spills tea on his extravagantly queer and star-studded private wedding

A screenshot of Graham Norton speaking during a guest spot on Australian TV The Project.

Graham Norton has spilled some juicy details regarding his wedding and it sounds like it was quite a grand affair.

The celebrity TV host and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK judge talked about his marriage to his partner Jonothan McLeod in a Monday (26 September) interview with Australia’s The Project.

He said guests were “really supportive” in keeping the 10 July ceremony – which was held in West Cork – a secret, per the couple’s wishes.

“People got excited about, you know, who might be there,” Norton said. “And, at one stage, there was a sighting in the local supermarket of Adele without makeup.”

The star and his husband invited more than 120 guests to Bantry House and Gardens near his hometown for the private event, some of which included Irish dancing group Cairde and singer Lulu.

But a queer wedding wouldn’t be complete without a drag queen there to put on the ultimate show, and Graham Norton’s was no different. Famous drag queen and activist Panti Bliss reportedly performed a DJ set during the reception, with Irish dance group and TikTok stars Cairde also there to entertain the guests.

A local resident told Cork Beo that locals knew “Bantry House was closed for a private event” and that it was “common knowledge” that the event was for Norton.

But the locals reportedly helped keep the event a secret from prying eyes to respect the couple’s special day, despite the growing anticipation of who could attend the event.

“We were hearing all sorts of names,” they said. “Lady Gaga, Elton John was supposed to be singing, we’ve not seen any of them, but there’s been a big buzz around Bantry.”

That night, residents said that they “could all hear the music from Bantry House” and that “they certainly got the weather for it!”

Party attendees then continued to celebrate the proceedings the following day at Graham Norton’s waterside holiday home in Ahakista with caterers and marquees on the grounds to boot.

The star also spoke to BBC Radio 4 presenters on how his marriage was going, saying it was “good so far”.

“It would be awful if it wasn’t at this stage, just a few months in, I’d like to think that even I could manage a few months,” he joked.

The star’s love life is one of the few things he has kept private, having claimed that fame has been a huge factor in his previous breakups.