Republican loser Lavern Spicer said not to refer to Jesus with pronouns. It backfired spectacularly

Florida Republican Lavern Spicer wearing a black top and red cardigan stands in front of an American flag

Florida Republican Lavern Spicer has been mocked relentlessly for urging people not to refer to Jesus Christ with pronouns.

Spicer, who presumably doesn’t realise that “he” is a pronoun, went viral for her tweet about Jesus Christ just months after she was mocked for claiming there are “no pronouns in the Bible”. 

“Do not ever refer to my Lord Jesus Christ with pronouns,” she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday (14 December). 

One commenter then told her: “You are going to be absolutely furious if you learn to read and pick up a Bible.”

“Did HE tell you this? I’d hate to upset HIM,” another said.

Another Twitter user claimed: “He loves you anyway and forgives your unfathomable ignorance.”

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“This you?” A Twitter user asked, linking to one of Spicer’s own tweets, which read, “He [Jesus] brings peace to the world and goodwill to all men!”

Spicer, who ran for election to the US House in Florida, losing in the Republican primary in August 2022, went viral back in July for claiming there aren’t any pronouns in the Bible or the US constitution. 

Taking aim at vice president Kamala Harris, who had recently introduced herself at a meeting using her pronouns, Spicer posted two since-deleted tweets, with one claiming there are no pronouns in the Bible.

The other read: “I am Lavern Spicer, my pronouns are ‘KISS MY BLACK ASS’, and I am a woman who is sick of virtue signalling leftists like [Kamala Harris].”

The tweet seemingly referenced Texas Republican Ted Cruz, who days before had announced his pronouns were “kiss my ass”.

“Well I’m Ted Cruz and my pronoun is ‘kiss my ass’,” he said at far-right organisation Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit.

“Nobody wants to kiss anything on you,” a Twitter user quickly quipped.