Aubrey Plaza fans go crazy for kiss with Chloe Fineman in SNL promo: ‘The sapphics are winning!’

Actor/presenter Chloe Fineman wearing a white top kisses actor Aubrey Plaza who's dressed in black for a trailer advertising Saturday Night Live. In the background you can see a dark blue curtain and part of a white wall with the "Saturday Night Live" logo above it.

Aubrey Plaza is prepping for her imminent stint as Saturday Night Live host by passionately kissing SNL comedian Chloe Fineman.

In a hilarious new teaser for her debut on NBC’s iconic sketch comedy show, which will air this Saturday (21 January) The White Lotus star practices a series of impressions on the comedian.

“Chloe, you’re not the only one that can do impressions,” Plaza teases, before going into intense, slightly chaotic impersonations of Marcia Gay Harden’s Pollock character Lee Krasner, and Annette Bening’s American Beauty character Carolyn Burnham.

Looking concerned, Fineman responds: “Why are you like this?”, to which Plaza says: “Because I’m insane, and I’ve been waiting to do this show since I was 12 years old.”

The pair then inch closer and begin making out furiously under the watchful eye of the studio cleaner.

Most fans are living for Aubrey Plaza finally having her SNL moment following the momentous success of The White Lotus, and the lesbian kiss is just an added bonus.

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“OH MY GOD???? THE SAPPHICS ARE WINNING,” one fan shared on Twitter, while another added: “Haven’t been excited for an SNL guest for ages, and this weird gay promo bodes well.”

The girls, gays and theys have been thriving off of Aubrey Plaza’s frenetic energy for years now, but fans are hopeful that her SNL hosting gig will propel her career to new heights – and many think she will soon be in line for an Emmy award.

“Give Aubrey Plaza an Emmy for this ad ALONE,” one fan wrote.

“I swear one day Aubrey Plaza will win an Oscar someday. She’s waiting in the wings for that moment,” another predicted. 

While this weekend officially Plaza’s first time hosting SNL, it’s not her first crack at trying to appear on the show.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about her auditions for the show, she revealed some of the hilarious, ridiculous characters she once created when auditioning for the part.

“I remember one character I did was like a Puerto Rican reporter [who] was always trying to make all of the stories sexy, even if they were horrific news stories. I was just trying to sex up the news or something,” she recalled.

She also came up with the idea of a “pill-popping housewife” who hosted a talk show entitled Celebri-Tails, which was literally about the types of animal tails she assumed celebrities would have if they were to ever grow one.

They are ideas that only Aubrey Plaza’s brilliant twisted mind could concoct, but sadly, the characters never made it through to the final audition.

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