Aubrey Plaza pranked The White Lotus co-stars in most Aubrey Plaza way possible

The White Lotus star Aubrey Plaza with co-star Adam DiMarco

The White Lotus star Aubrey Plaza has admitted to seriously spooking her co-star Adam DiMarco while filming the show’s racy second season. 

The show’s cast and crew were holed up at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Italy for five months while filming in 2021, and according to a new GQ interview, Plaza kept herself busy by tricking the rest of the team into thinking they were being harassed by a demonic witch.

In the first stage of the prank, Plaza revealed how she placed a bunch of scented reed diffusers on the floor of Adam DiMarco’s dressing room, arranging them neatly into a terrifying Blair Witch-style symbol for him to discover.

Days later, she did the same to her own dressing room, before pretending to “freak out” to fellow White Lotus stars Haley Lu Richardson and Meghann Fahyand, demanding to know who was pranking her.

Aubrey Plaza at the premiere for the second season of The White Lotus.
Aubrey Plaza left her co-star Adam DiMarco “questioning his reality” with her spooky trick. (Getty/Christopher Polk)

Then, amping the trick up into its second stage, Plaza decided to start putting pieces of paper under her co-stars’ doors, with ominous messages such as “here lies…” written on them.

DiMarco, who plays nice guy Albie Di Grasso in the comedy drama, said that the trick played with his head and left him not knowing who he could believe. Meanwhile, Plaza continually tried to convince him that she wasn’t behind it – despite hotel staff offering to trawl the hotel’s CCTV to find out.

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“I was definitely questioning my reality for a while there… I didn’t know who to trust, DiMarco told GQ

“It was like Murder on the Orient Express. Everyone was the murderer.”

DiMarco has previously revealed how the hotel where the second season of the show was filmed is allegedly haunted, explaining how he and co-star Jon Gries, who plays Greg, had the same paranormal nightmare while filming.

Speaking to GQ, DiMarco said: “I just couldn’t believe it because I had the exact same nightmare two nights before. There’s this bald man who was walking back and forth and approached the foot of our bed and grabbed us. I woke up screaming and I didn’t really think anything of it until Jon mentioned his story.

“I was like, ‘OK, I’ve never had any paranormal experiences. Other than that, I guess.’”

The second season of The White Lotus returned back in October, and has so far given fans everything they wanted – a bit of onscreen nudity from Theo James – and everything they didn’t; a potential incest scene, or “transgressive sex”, as creator Mike White puts it.