Cat Burns’ new music video for ‘People Pleaser’ is a story of queer love and heartbreak

The music video for Cat Burns’ “People Pleaser” has dropped and it’s a heartbreaking portrait of queer love – and friendship.

Directed by Abel Rubinstein, it stars Cat Burns and several of her contemporaries, including one who breaks up with their girlfriend, but has to put on a front to join Burns’ pub trip.

It opens with one of Burns’ friends alone in their apartment, packing up their ex-girlfriend’s belongings, including a photo of the two.

Their partner then picks up their belongings and a shouting match ensues, to the lyrics: “When I see you cry, I can’t help what I feel inside.” Burns’ friend then has to collect themself before heading to the pub for a party.

The friend leaves, but Burns notices and brings the party back to them. The friend tells the group “she’s gone” – and there’s a group cuddle.

Cat Burns, who is queer, has often spoken about the intersection between her sexual identity and being Black. In an interview, Burns said: “If you’re a Black woman, I want you to feel heard and seen. We are vulnerable people who are capable of having lots of emotions. And, being a Black queer woman adds a layer to that.”

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Burns chronicled her experience with coming out to her family, in her song “Free”.

Cat Burns made her BRIT Awards debut in February where she performed her smash hit “Go”, and was nominated across three categories – BRITs Rising Star, Song of the Year and Best Pop/R&B Act.

Burns will be supporting global superstar Sam Smith on their upcoming GLORIA UK and EU tour, before re-joining Ed Sheeran on his Mathematics tour travelling across North America this summer.

She’ll also be joining forces with many other artists ahead of a highly-anticipated live and release plot for the forthcoming year.