Pedro Pascal fangirling over Rihanna in every single interview is just outstanding

Two photos of Pedro Pascal and Rihanna on the 2023 Oscars red carpet.

Pedro Pascal fans (read: literally everyone) have another reason to adore the The Last of Us star, as he has come out as a fully-fledged Rihanna stan.

Pascal spent his time on the Oscars red carpet fangirling over the “Work” singer, ahead of her performing her nominated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever track, “Lift Me Up”.

He turned the tables on several red carpet interviewers, including model Ashley Graham, now known for her part in that excruciating Hugh Grant interview.

Graham approached Pascal with a question on whether he uses TikTok. Diverting the focus onto the only thing that matters, The Mandalorian star asked: “Is Rihanna performing?”

Graham incorrectly said that Rihanna wasn’t performing, to which a very, very disappointed Pasal said: “Oh, I see. OK.”

In another interview with Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg, Pascal appeared starstruck.

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“Umm… is that Rihanna?,” he asked Dimoldenberg, as he looked off into the distance.

When she suggested he should go and say hello if it is Rihanna, he replied: “I will literally shove you out of the way.”

We completely understand.

So, it’s official: not only is Pascal the internet’s daddy and a fierce LGBTQ+ ally, he’s also part of the RiRi navy. He is truly one of us. 

Fans of Pedro Pascal and Rihanna are united in their desperation to see the pair join forces.

“This man stopped mid interview TWICE to ask about Rihanna… he’s just like me fr this is why we’re married,” one fan wrote.

“If y’all don’t let this man meet Rihanna…” another threatened.

“Did Pedro get to meet Rihanna? Please, I need to know,” begged a third.

Now that Pedro Pascal is fresh off the hype of the final, thrilling episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, perhaps he’ll have more time to spend sourcing Rihanna’s whereabouts. 

While Rihanna is unlikely to have any new music drop in the near future considering she’s recently announced her pregnancy, let’s hope that when the time comes, we get a Pedro Pascal music video cameo.

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