Pedro Pascal is not only the internet’s ‘daddy’ – he’s also an amazing ally to his trans sister

A graphic showing cut-out images of actor Pedro Pascal wearing a white shirt and glasses standing next to his trans sister Lux Pascal who is dressed in a black top. Both are smiling and are set against a background made up of trans flag colours blue and pink

Pedro Pascal’s leading role as Joel in HBO’s hit series The Last of Us is reminding everyone that he’s a force for good – both in Hollywood and towards the LGBTQ+ community.

The TV and film star is a triple threat: an astonishingly good actor, a cool, ‘slutty daddy’ and a fierce ally to his trans sister Lux Pascal.

While Lux came out back in 2021, Pedro’s role in The Last of Us has fans reminiscing about the sweet way he supported her when she announced her transition.

On 6 February, attorney and trans rights activist Alejandra Caraballo wrote on Twitter: “One of the many reasons Pedro Pascal is amazing. He is supportive of his trans sister, Lux,” with the tweet gaining more than 210,000 ‘likes’.

Lux, who is also in the acting world and has starred in a host of Chilean films and TV series, revealed to Spanish-language magazine Ya in 2021 that she had previously identified as non-binary, but began transitioning in July 2020.

In her interview, Lux explained that Pedro was the most “important part” of her transition journey, saying that he had “served as a guide” for her.

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“My transition has been something that’s very natural for everyone in my family,” she said at the time. “It’s almost something that they expected to happen.

“[Pedro] was one of the first people to gift me the tools that started shaping my identity.”

We’re not crying, you are.

Lux went on to share that she came out as trans to her brother via FaceTime, and when she shared the news, Pedro simply replied: “Perfect, this is incredible.”

It’s hard not to think about how much better the world would be if all families responded with such nonchalance. 

When Lux’s magazine cover was released into the world, Pedro responded by sharing it on his Instagram, accompanied by the caption: “My sister, my heart, our Lux.”

Pedro also previously educated his The Mandalorian co-star Gina Carano after she was accused of mocking trans people by putting her pronouns as “boop/bop/beep” on Twitter.

At the time, Carano, who was later fired from the series, said that Pascal had explained to her why pronouns were so important.

Our cool, slutty daddy is also an adorable, supportive trans ally, and we love to see it.

Some fans have expressed that Pedro’s support for Lux at the time was “the bare minimum”, but it’s worth noting the simple power of solidarity at a time when trans people are being scrutinised and attacked, both by those in politics and those in Hollywood.

Others are pointing out how meaningful Pedro’s support is, considering nearly half of trans-Latina and Latino people say that they were rejected by a family member after coming out.

Reflecting on Pedro’s vocal support for Lux, one fan wrote: “It’s really the bare minimum to support trans people but when it comes to celebrities it’s good to celebrate because they could just be silent and pretend it’s not there.”

“As a Latino, this is a great thing to see considering how most of us were raised. My brother got kicked out of the house for being gay,” another person wrote.

“Daddy with substance,” another eloquently summarised.

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