The internet is obsessed with new ‘slutty daddy’ Pedro Pascal sandwich meme

Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us star and official “slutty daddy” of the entire internet, Pedro Pascal, has overtaken our social media feeds yet again. This time, for eating a sandwich. 

On an episode of LADbible’s show Snack Wars, Chilean-American actor Pascal teams up with The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau, who you’ll recognise from roles in Iron Man and The Wolf of Wall Street

The pair try and compare a number of classic Chilean and American dishes, including beef and onion empanadas and a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese, and a marraqueta vs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

A marraqueta is a crusty, South American bread roll. Pascal’s was served alongside a creamy avocado spread, and he explained that it is popular as both a breakfast and teatime bite. 

He locks eyes with the camera and describes it as “just a healthy snack” in a manner that has no right to be as wholeheartedly devastating as it is, but this isn’t the viral moment.

It’s the tiniest, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it couple of seconds where Pascal appears to zone out while chewing on the PB&J sandwich, and then rejoins the discussion almost immediately.

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Social media has become saturated with clips and screenshots of the moment, largely used to illustrate instances where something is happening that you probably should be getting involved with – but you can’t quite bring yourself to.

Several memes centre around the enduringly relatable experience (don’t @ us) of knowing co-workers are struggling with tasks while you’re on a lunch break.

One TikTok with nearly 8 million views shows Pascal chewing his sarnie with the text: “When you catch up with your friends and they’re all complaining about their trash men, but you can’t relate cos your man is perfect and treats you like a princess everyday”. 

Even the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation weighed in, tweeting: “Us watching you attempt to outrun something you tried to pspspspspspsps after we specifically said not to.”

One user referenced the ubiquity of the meme and the recent spate of government hostility towards Chinese-owned app TikTok in the US, tweeting: “What data does the government think TikTok is getting from me? My whole FYP is Bad Omens and many different variations of Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich.”

However, one person’s yum can be another’s yuck, so to speak, and some Very Online folks are already done with the Pedro Pascal sandwich meme, taking exception to it featuring chewing noises.

Some Twitter users have referenced misophonia, a condition where certain sounds – including chewing or slurping – can make people feel angry or panicked.

It seems that everything that self-described “cool, slutty daddy” Pascal does goes viral since his role in The Last of Us triggered an explosion in thirsty adoration – and the Sandwich Look is no different.

Will Pedro Pascal eating a PB&J sandwich become an enduring pillar of meme culture alongside the likes of Kermit sipping tea and Drake in “Hotline Bling”? Only time will tell.

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