Luxx Noir London and Trinity the Tuck are embroiled in a bitter Twitter row. Here’s what happened

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Drag Race season 15 finalist Luxx Noir London and All Stars 4 winner Trinity the Tuck are locked in a blazing row that’s dominating the Twitter feeds of fans everywhere – so what happened?

While the queens have been bickering for a few weeks now, the beef has reached boiling point over the past few days; while Luxx has been outspoken and unshakeably confident all season long, Trinity the Tuck is also no stranger to a bit (a lot) of back-and-forth.

Snatch Game-Gate

Way back when RuPaul decided to go Sugar-free on episode three of season 15 (yes, this season has been about seven years long), the 14 remaining queens were tasked with a Snatch Game double bill.

Luxx chose to impersonate nightlife icon Amanda Lepore, the same choice as Trinity during her original run on Drag Race‘s ninth season, with the former lightly shading the latter during a Werk Room conversation.

After being asked whether she was worried over doing a repeated impersonation, Luxx replied: “No because she didn’t do that good of a job.”

Trinity then fired back on Twitter, pointing out Luxx’s lack of wins compared to her grand total of 11 across the course of three seasons. Although Luxx does now have two challenge victories to her name, Trinity followed up her original tweet with: “Mind you I didn’t throw the first punch but I’m no punk. Y’all already know… u talk shit u get a reply.”

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Trinity’s pick for the win: Anyone but Luxx

After the 14th episode of Drag Race season 15, Trinity made it perfectly clear who she wanted to take the crown.

In a series of tweets, Trinity essentially confirmed that she would be happy with any of the final four winning – apart from Luxx Noir London, whose name was noticeably missing from Trinity’s tweets.

“Ok I think the season 15 winner will either be Sasha or Mistress“, she wrote, then followed up by adding that she “wouldn’t be mad” at Anetra taking the crown.

Prior to episode 14, Trinity also underlined this opinion. In a tweet from 25 March, she namechecked Anetra, Sasha and Mistress as her top queens for the crown – and Luxx’s name is nowhere to be found.

Luxx Noir London Nation assemble

This is where the nails, gloves and wigs really come off. Luxx indirectly shades Trinity by saying “I’d be rotted too if I wasted that money to look like… that,” referring to Trinity’s plastic surgery.

“I really don’t do anything yet I’m always getting dust thrown my way,” she added. “And all because I said your safe performance was… safe??? Like 10 weeks ago??

“Shit girl please. And then wants to preach about unity and peace like girl shut up and grow up.”

Trinity the Tuck bites back

Not one to take criticism lying down, Trinity then quoted Luxx’s tweet, daring her to call her out by name.

“@ me girl.. where did I say anything about u today except that u did great this season. U don’t care for me and the feeling is Mutual. Congrats on top 4.”

Get the popcorn out, because it doesn’t stop there. Luxx then called out Trinity for “liking and responding to tweets” saying that Luxx is a bad person, complete with screenshots of the offending tweets.

The two then engaged in the most direct back and forth so far, with Luxx accusing Trinity of only saying that she did “great” after being called out for refusing to champion her.

“Sweets, I don’t HAVE to say you did great. You have a nasty attitude and that’s why I haven’t rooted for you, I never said you weren’t a good queen. You have done great. I just don’t like you. Now are we done? Ok. Have a great night,” Trinity fired back.

SheDevilByNight, TheyAngelPerDay

One of Luxx’s parting shots invoked the rumour that Trinity the Tuck was the queen behind the infamous ‘SheDevilByNight’ Reddit account.

Somewhere in all the drama, Luxx wrote that she was thinking of setting up a Reddit account called “TheyAngelPerDay,” after the “example of [her] drag elders”. Fans won’t fail to notice, of course, that “TheyAngelPerDay” is a direct ‘opposite’ of the notorious moniker that has dominated conversation in the Drag Race community for years.

Trinity has never addressed the origins of the SheDevilByNight account, which has posted various questionable takes, including defending RuPaul against accusations of transphobic behaviour and a whole lot of thirst.

Fans believed Trinity might be behind the account after she replied to a Twitter user who asked if it belonged to her.

The account has been deleted.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Fallout

Trinity then tweeted: “Back to my international tour…..” referring to the Haters Roast UK Tour that she’s currently starring in alongside the likes of Heidi N Closet, Kandy Muse, The Vivienne and Willam.

Under this tweet, she took a few more swipes and fans who decided to try their luck.

Luxx has resumed her signature brand of posting baddie pics on Twitter, replying to comments about her performance this season and telling users she’s planning on getting her belly button pierced.

RuGirls have joined the chat

Where there’s a Twitter spat, there are drag queens. Various queens of the show’s alumni have now piped up – with reactions varying from a good old appreciation of the drama (à la Jorgeous) to picking sides in the civil war era of Drag Race.

Season 15’s first eliminated contestant, Irene Dubois, wrote: “This is a @luxxnoirlondon stan account” and in perhaps the most shocking addition to the frenzy, Trinity’s double-time castmate Farrah Moan threw a good sprinkling of shade her way, too.

“She loves to throw it but can never take it herself,” the queen commented underneath one of Luxx’s tweets. Gooped.

This is where the story ends – for now.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs on Fridays 8/7c on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on following Saturday mornings from 2am GMT in the UK.

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