Trinity the Tuck talks censorship, British humour and why ‘nothing is off limits’ in Haters Roast

Ahead of the first ever UK Haters Roast, RuPaul’s Drag Race triple veteran Trinity the Tuck chats to PinkNews about British humour, living beyond the binary and why we should never censor someone’s art.

Take nine of the shadiest RuPaul’s Drag Race stars from across the world, two weeks of unapologetic comedy and a barrage of outrageous insults, and it can only mean one thing: the Haters Roast is back in town.

Now in its sixth year, the full-on drag comedy spectacular has hopped the pond for the first ever UK tour. Hosted by The Vivienne, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season one, the inaugural British showdown brings together New York City queen Miz Cracker, the infamously disqualified Willam, Canadian drag star Jimbo, UK fan favourite Baga Chipz and season two winner Lawrence Chaney, North Carolina’s Heidi N Closet, season 13 runner-up Kandy Muse and All Stars Season 4 winner Trinity the Tuck, who promises that “these b**ches are about to be hateful”.

Ahead of the nationwide tour, Trinity spoke to PinkNews about what to expect from the newest intake of roasters – and by the sounds of things, they’ve all come ready to read.

PinkNews: How are you feeling about the first British Haters Roast?

Trinity the Tuck: Super excited! I love British humour; you guys don’t take yourself so seriously. A British audience is better for a comedy tour… You guys just let it all out and don’t hold anything back. I’ve been able to experience a lot of British drag shows – and they had jokes to tell.

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PN: Looking back to Drag Race, over your three seasons, you’ve had a tempestuous relationship with roasting. What have you learnt from those roasts?

TTT: On season nine and All Stars 4, I knew I was not good at it, so I just got into my head. Doing the Haters Roast tour, you just have to make fun of yourself – it’s obviously not like the show where you might be in the bottom and go home.

Trinity the Tuck joins nine other Drag Race legends for the Haters Roast (Supplied)

PN: This Haters Roast has a very eclectic cast. Who’s the easiest target?

TTT: Myself! I have so much stuff to pick on – but any of the girls on the tour would be easy to pick on because we all have similar things to pick on.

Nothing is off limits when it comes to roasting. I already know there’s going to be nose job jokes, ‘twinner‘ jokes, cancel culture jokes, jokes about me f**king my cousins. I can’t wait to laugh at jokes about me.

“I already know there’s going to be nose job jokes, ‘twinner’ jokes, cancel culture jokes, jokes about me f**king my cousins”

PinkNews: The tour’s slogan is: “Don’t buy a ticket if you can’t take a joke”. What would you say to those that are too easily offended?

Trinity the Tuck: Look at the intent of what the person has said. If they intended to offend you, then be offended. If they are not intentionally trying to, why be so up in arms?

My pronouns are she/they, but I do not live as a ‘binary woman.’ I look like what people say is an effeminate gay man. If someone calls me ‘Sir’, I’m not going to be offended; how are they supposed to know?

I think it’s kind of dumb to be asking complete strangers what their pronouns are. If someone is making a mistake, take it for what it is and move on. I think that we all have to have a little bit thicker skin. I already know these b**ches are about to be hateful, hateful, hateful.

PinkNews: One of the most iconic Haters Roast moments is the infamous Derrick Barry self roast of 2018. What was it like being there?

Trinity the Tuck: She laughs about it now. That was her first roast… but when we’re not performing, we’re just drinking – and she was so nervous, she drank more than she should have, and that’s what led to what you saw, which is iconic.

PN: You literally had to fish her off stage.

TTT: That hook was just lying there! I was like ‘My god, we gotta get her off the stage’ – one thing about Derrick is that she is strong. I was fighting for my life.

PinkNews: You’re no stranger to a little roast on Twitter. Why is it important to keep the girls in check?

Trinity the Tuck: I don’t think it’s okay for people to hold us to a higher standard just because we were on a TV show! If you try to come for someone, they should be able to defend themselves. Like Shea once said: “Talk shit, get hit.” You come for me? I’m gonna come back.

PN: You had a back-and-forth with Luxx from season 15 after she critiqued your Snatch Game. What do you make of the new season, and who do you think would do well in a roast?

“People expect us to be role models and watch what we say – but that’s not drag. Drag is anything and everything”

TTT: I don’t know Luxx. Nothing I said online was to be taken seriously. If she did, I don’t know what to tell her.

I’m loving the season, it’s strong batch of girls. There’s several great contenders that I’m rooting for; I’m a huge fan of Sasha [Colby]. She commands the stage, and Drag Race would be lucky to have her as a winner.

Mistress or Anetra would win a roast – the worst would be Luxx, because I don’t think she’s a comedy girl. But she would look pretty.

PinkNews: What do you think of the 40-minute episodes?

Trinity the Tuck: If a show is formatted for you to get to know the contestants – that’s a huge part of why you watch. The edit is doing a disservice not only to the girls, but also to the show; it’s not authentic Drag Race.

PN: What do you make of drag’s evolution with Drag Race – and why is roasting so essential?

TTT: When drag started, it was underground, dirty, adult, crass, in your face, edgy. The more mainstream it becomes, the less it is those things, which is not a bad thing, but we need to remember the roots.

Some drag is kid-friendly, some is not. Some people are drag fans, and some people are Drag Race fans; there is a difference. Fans of just the show don’t understand we’re not all Disney characters.

People expect us to be role models and watch what we say – but that’s not drag. Drag is anything and everything. And it’s an art; we should never try to censor someone’s art.

Haters Roast kicks off 28 March and runs until 9 April 2023. Tickets are available now.

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