Sasha Colby reveals she adopted a secret family member on Drag Race – and it’s not who you think

Drag Race frontrunner Sasha Colby has revealed the name of the surprise new family member she “inducted into the Haus of Colby” during the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

While the most high-profile adoption of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 undoubtedly goes to Mistress Isabelle Brooks for taking TikTok sensations Sugar and Spice under her wing, Colby has revealed that she also “adopted” someone.

So, who was it? Anetra? Marcia Marcia Marcia? The recently slain Loosey LaDuca, victim of the dreaded makeover challenge?

The answer is: none of the above.

Speaking to EW, the former Miss Continental and contender for the Drag Race crown named the lucky person as Drag Race production member Justin.

Despite being warned by her existing children that they would not be best pleased with any new additions to the family – “I was told by my children…. they’re like, ‘No kids’,” – there was one person Colby couldn’t resist.

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“I did have one child, one of the production guys,” she said. “Justin, he’s the one who always calls the celebrities in Untucked.”

Sasha Colby
Sasha Colby (l) during the makeover challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. (World of Wonder/ MTV)

During Drag Race‘s companion segment, Untucked, in which the queens can be seen “relaxing” backstage in between the judges’ critiques and the lip-sync, Justin is regularly teased by the queens as he comes to collect the guest judge if they have visited the workroom to chat to the contestants.

Colby revealed that it was while filming Drag Race‘s most recent makeover episode that she shared the adorable chat with Justin and welcomed him to the Sasha Colby family.

“He whispers – he has his mask and headset on, he’s cueing me to go into the Werk Room for one of the scenes, he’s not even looking at me, just staring into yonder – and goes, ‘I want to be a Colby,'” the queen recalled. “I go, ‘Justin, are you serious? Justin Colby’.”

When prodded further by entertainment reporter, Joey Nolfi, as to whether the adoption process had been signed, sealed and delivered, Colby said: “Yes. He had one of my little drag jackets on [that] episode, so his name is Justin Colby,” she said. “I had to. She’s fertile.”

Sasha Colby in her lip-sync against Anetra. (WOW)

Colby is one of four queens heading into the final episode of season 15, alongside Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Anetra.

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on Fridays on MTV in the US and is available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on Saturdays from 2am in the UK.

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