Ts Madison eviscerates Caitlyn Jenner over white privilege – but won’t ‘invalidate her transness’

Ts Madison has encapsulated the difference between white and Black trans women, using influencer Dylan Mulvaney and Caitlyn Jenner as examples of white privilege.

Despite grouping the two together, reality TV star Madison made repeated efforts to separate Mulvaney and Jenner, with the former doing “nothing but transitioning” – and the latter causing active harm to her own community.

Appearing on her YouTube channel, Ts Madison TV, the RuPaul’s Drag Race guest judge was asked her opinion on influencer Mulvaney’s recent rise to fame with her Day X of Becoming a Girl series, compared to her own transition “out the mud”.

In a video originally streamed on 8 April, Madison said: “I have an opinion and I don’t want my opinion to be misconstrued. I don’t know Dylan, I’ve seen Dylan on the internet as much as everybody else… there’s no way that you can’t make this not [about] race because it is.

“If I run into Dylan, or any of the girls, I’m gonna stand on my tiptoes to say this. When we say LBGT, that is not inclusive of the colours like that,” she continued, highlighting that Mulvaney’s meteoric rise to popularity has been a far cry from her own experience as a Black trans woman.

“This is no shade to Dylan, in case anybody crops this up and takes this around. This is no shade to Dylan. She documented herself transitioning into a woman. Day 23, day 37, day 141… I’ve been a transgender woman [for] over 30 years.

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“I’ve hard to fight hard for that s**t. It’s not to say she hasn’t worked hard, but she documented her transition… and you get a major push behind you because you’re white. You’re not Black.”

Madison reiterated that she was not insulted Mulvaney, because “she ain’t do nothing but transition”.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney has recently celebrated “365 days of girlhood”. (Roy Rochlin/Getty)

Jenner, on the other hand, received a far-less-positive review.

“Caitlyn did a lot of s**t during and after transitioning. I don’t f**k with that p***y-a** motherf**king h*e,” Madison said. “But I don’t misgender her and I don’t invalidate her transness because she’s still trans.

“But that b***h is still a whack-a*s p***y punk-a*s punk b***h with athlete’s foot.”

She continued: “But b***h, we not gonna sit up here and act like neither one of them two girls [don’t] have privilege on a level that we will never see. And I been trying to get you … to understand how difficult it is to manoeuvre through this entertainment business, living proudly, and out loud, Black.”

Caitlyn Jenner has blasted the “radical rainbow mafia”. (PinkNews)

Jenner recently set her sights on what she called the rainbow mafia, even having a pop at Mulvaney’s transition, despite being a trans woman herself.

The former Olympian and failed Republican governor candidate appeared in an Instagram clip at the weekend, alongside Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) president Charles Moran, decrying the “radical rainbow mafia” that, according to Moran, is “putting freedom at risk in this country in a way we have never seen”.

Founded in 1977 in California, the LCR describe themselves as the largest Republican group in the United States “dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies”.