Caitlyn Jenner responds to backlash from LGBTQ+ community: ‘I don’t wanna be a trans activist’

Caitlyn Jenner says she doesn't want to be a 'trans activist'.

Controversial transgender TV personality Caitlyn Jenner has hit back after being accused of harming the trans rights movement by LGBTQ+ activists.

The reality star came out as trans in 2015. Despite initial praise, she has been seen as turning on the trans community in recent years.

The former Olympian has vocally backed restrictions on trans athletes competing in women’s events, criticised “woke” culture and the “rainbow mafia”, joined Fox News as a contributor and unsuccessfully ran to be Republican governor of California.

She was also among the cacophony of critics who voiced disapproval of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

It’s safe to say Jenner is not exactly flavour of the month among the wider trans community, but she showed little remorse when asked about her many missteps in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Dylan Mulvaney with a choppy blonde bob and black and white top smiling at the camera.
Dylan Mulvaney came under fire from Caitlyn Jenner. (Getty/Michael Buckner)

“I started a foundation, gave away millions, $2.5 million (£2 million) to trans organisations. And honestly, I got so much hate for that,” Jenner said about her now-defunct charitable organisation.

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“I don’t wanna be a trans activist, that that’s not what I do. I wanna be a trans example. I wanna be an example of any person suffering from gender dysphoria because gender dysphoria is real: it does happen. It’s very rare but it does happen.

“I want to be an example [that] you can go through with it and your life can be good, and my life is good.

“This is me, like it or not. If you don’t like it fine, I don’t need you. I got a lot of people, I’ve got a lot of friends.”

In April, Black trans reality star Ts Madison pointed out Jenner’s “white privilege” when it comes to fighting for trans rights.

“Caitlyn did a lot of s**t during and after transitioning. I don’t f**k with that p***y-a** motherf**king h*e,” Madison said in a video posted to her YouTube channel.

“But I don’t misgender her and I don’t invalidate her transness because she’s still trans. But that b***h is still a whack-a*s p***y punk-a*s punk b***h with athlete’s foot.”

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