‘Republican snowflakes’ are mad at yet another beer over two-month old ‘woke’ Miller Lite ad

Miller Lite advert

Conservatives in the US are melting down over another beer brand ‘going woke’ and this time, the target of their ire is Miller Lite. 

In yet another mass tantrum about beer marketing, right-wingers are upset about a Miller Lite advert addressing sexism and featuring a woman, and don’t seem to understand that it was aired before Bud Light teamed up with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The backlash against Miller Lite comes after six weeks of online beer-related outrage, follwing TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney posting a ‘March Madness’ video to her Instagram on 1 April.

Bud Light sent her a personalised can of beer to celebrate her 365 days public transition and the worst parts of the internet couldn’t cope.

MAGA-supporter and occasional musician Kid Rock unloaded the magazine of an assault weapon into boxes of Bud Light, enraged conservatives smashed beers in a Walmart and Budweiser factories across the US were targeted with bomb threats

Transphobic hate abounded on social media and conservative commentators spent hours dissecting Mulvaney’s 47-second Instagram video. The trailblazing influencer decided to take a step back from posting on her channels and later shared that she was “doing OK”.

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“I’m doing OK. I’m trying this new thing where I don’t pressure myself to share anything before I’m ready. I’m sitting with my emotions, not reacting … shockingly, I can’t recommend it more,” she said in a TikTok clip on 27 April. 

Now, right-wingers have found a new target for their anger – Miller Lite. 

Their ad campaign, announced on 7 March and released for Women’s History Month, features queer Broad City star Illana Glazer and encourages people to send in sexist beer ads so they can be turned into fertiliser, while taking aim at the brand’s own history of sexist marketing.

Miller Lite, owned by Canadian-American drinks multinational Molson Coors, then donates the fertiliser to female brewers who use it to grow hops for beer as part of the “Bad $#!t to Good $#!t” campaign.

The usual suspects weighed in, with Piers Morgan, Megyn Kelly and Joe Rogan all debating the ‘issue’ on their shows.

Conservative presenter and. Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren bemoaned the Miller Lite ad on social media, posting: “No no no no no! Miller Lite is my beer! Who is running these companies?! Bad bad move.”

While right-wing comedian Sam Tripoli shared a bizarre video ranting about the ad and – for some reason – OnlyFans, with the caption: “Miller lite please stop with this woke garbage!”.

One Twitter user even accused the brand of releasing the add to give “protection money to a mafia run by professional victimisation archeologists”. Yup, us neither.

Many social media users appeared unaware that the ad was two months old, with one writing: “Did NOBODY learn from Bud Light’s COSTLY mistake? Miller Lite just dropped this WOKE advertisement!!! When will these beer companies learn????”

Readers were quick to add helpful context.

Even conservative news site The Daily Wire appeared to be confused about the timing of the Miller Lite campaign.

Omar Rivero, founder of Occupy Democrats, mocked the backlash, posting that “Republican snowflakes” have “officially become a parody of themselves”.

Which beer brand will be the next to get right-wing blood boiling?

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