Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago gets engaged to trans TikToker Jesse Sullivan

Francesca Farago Jesse Sullivan

Francesca Farago, who is best known for her stint on raunchy Netflix series Too Hot to Handle and Love is Blind has confirmed her engagement to trans fiancé Jesse Sullivan.

Influencer, entrepreneur and serial relationship reality show star Francesca Farago has inadvertently become a walking advertisement not to appear on the very dating programmes that helped bring her fame – by getting engaged to trans partner Jesse Sullivan.

Just to explain that point before getting into the adorable engagement pictures posted of Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan, the former has appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle – a show where a group of horny singletons get their prize fund deducted every time they do something, wait for it, too hot to handle – and Love Is Blind – a show where pairs get engaged before meeting in person – and failed to find a a partner.

That was probably why, then, she decided to go for a third round of dating shows in Perfect Match – a reality dating show for past contestants of reality shows. It’s all very meta.

Long story short, Farago ended up finding her actual perfect match – TikTokker and now fiancé Jesse Sullivan – off any sort of reality show altogether.

In a series of snaps shared to Farago’s Instagram account (3 May), she has confirmed her engagement to Jesse Sullivan with an adorable caption:

You may like to watch

“WE’RE ENGAGED. a glimpse into the most magical night ever. obsessed with our family.. what is life !!”

She then followed up with a comment referencing the final picture of the series: “Not the candle light orchestra” and several sobbing emojis.

The confirmation follows a teaser on Sullivan’s account the previous day, which showed the pair dashing through the streets looking almost impossibly glamorous and a simple caption of the date the picture was taken: “4.28.23.”

Although fans have been thrilled at the announcement, one was slightly confused, writing: “Thought this was Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet‘s post for longer than a second.”

You win some, you lose some.

Others – such as pop royalty Demi Lovato – were more clued in, writing: “Congratulations!!!”

“The candle lit orchestra. congratulations you!!!!!!!! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL,” added another.

One shady fan did choose to ask: “Does this mean you’re done with Netflix dating shows?” Insert rattlesnake sound effect here.

Francesca Farago recently opened up about the death threats that Sullivan – who is a father – receives for raising his child.

“My boyfriend is trans and he gets death threats on his posts,” she said. “He’s just a nice normal dad. He’s so sweet.”

Farago, who is bisexual, added that this hate extends to the whole LGBTQ community: “It’s crazy, the hate towards our community. The hate is a lot louder than anything else. People are still getting death threats and people are still getting attacked in public.

“It’s very dangerous for people in our community, especially certain members.”